What is the most popular episode of SNL?

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What is the most popular episode of SNL?

7 of the most watched SNL skits

  • I’m on a Boat. Season 34, Episode 15. See the world, or at least don a nautical-themed pashmina afghan a la “I’m on a Boat.”
  • Lawrence Welk. Season 34, Episode 4. Discover the song in your heart – no matter how weird – with the Maharelle Sisters on “Lawrence Welk.”
  • Stefon. Season 38, Episode 16.

Who is the oldest SNL cast member?

‘SNL’ Longest Running Cast Members, From Jason Sudeikis to Kenan Thompson (Photos)

  • Seth Meyers — 13 seasons (2001-2014)
  • Darrell Hammond — 14 seasons (1995-2009)
  • Kenan Thompson — 18 seasons and counting (2003-present)

Who was the youngest SNL host?

Drew Barrymore
In 1982, 7-year-old Drew Barrymore became the youngest person ever to host SNL. As SNL’s eldest host, White earned positive reviews, and the show, which featured musical guest Jay-Z, drew its highest ratings in 18 months. The octogenarian actress later won the seventh Emmy Award of her career for her SNL appearance.

What is the funniest episode of SNL?

The 12 Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches of Season 46

  • New York Musical.
  • U.S.O.
  • Murdur Durdur.
  • The Christmas Conversation.
  • New York PSA.
  • Loco ft. Bad Bunny.
  • Pride Song. Episode 20, with host Anya-Taylor Joy and musical guest Lil Nas X.
  • Drivers License. Episode 13, with host Regé-Jean Page and musical guest Bad Bunny.

What are the best SNL seasons?

Here are the top 10 seasons of “Saturday Night Live” of all time.

  • Saturday Night Live Season 19.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 32.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 21.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 17.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 1.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 15.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 3.
  • Saturday Night Live Season 34.

Who hosted SNL the most?

Actor Alec Baldwin holds the record for most times hosting, having performed the duty on seventeen different occasions since 1990; Baldwin took the record from actor Steve Martin who has hosted fifteen times since 1976. Goodman ranks third on the all-time “SNL” hosting list with 13 episodes.

Which SNL cast members are leaving the show?

Bobby Moynihan, Vanessa Bayer, and Sasheer Zamata have all officially departed the show. Bobby Moynihan has been a staple on SNL for nearly a decade, first signing on to the show in 2008.

Who was the first guest host on SNL?

Traditionally the host of the show ends the opening monologue by introducing the musical guest for the night. Comedian George Carlin was the first to host SNL in the debut October 1975 episode; three episodes later, Candice Bergen became the first female host and subsequently the first to host more than once.

Are SNL guest hosts paid?

Wikipedia lists the base pay for cast members as $5,000 so it would seem guest hosts are paid as cast members.

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