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Tips for processing written information to order

At first blush, this seems like a difficult case to make. But in truth, it’s more simple than it looks. Do you remember, in school, we had to retell the must-read texts? So, do the same, but only in writing. And if you are ok with orthography, pour out your hidden talent of the writer on the customers.

How does it happen in practice?

You receive an order with a clear technical task:

  • articles to be taken as a basis;
  • the length of text to be written;
  • keywords for use in the text;
  • products or sites that need to be advertised.

You may, if your health and mental condition are suitable, write simultaneously to more than one employer on various subjects, since deep expertise is not the main thing in our business.

Before starting to write an article, you need to read the information provided on a given topic, build a plan to follow, well, and begin to cope with it all.

There are, of course, poor-quality rewrites, which consist only in the replacement of words and the paraphrasing of the sample. But make no mistake, such work is quite complex and ungrateful, it is used by those who are completely deprived of any pencraft. After all, much more time is spent on rehashing than on creating a personal text after reading a few original paragraphs.

Also, if you write in your own words, you should not worry about % uniqueness, since it guaranteed will still be of a high degree. Some sites provide online checking. Others offer a free download program for more detailed and qualified verification.

Another added benefit is the site registrations opens up a platform with a large number of eager customers. Just take the online essay writing jobs representing science with its various research essays and academic papers.


Since you are seriously giving thought to the writing job, let’s talk about the skills for a good start in this direction.

  1. Rapid processing of large volumes of information. Decent pay involves about 20 thousand characters without spaces per day.
  2. The promptness of writing a good text to save time for editing. Literacy should become your habit of avoiding repetitions and stylistic mistakes.
  3. The customer most often asks to write the text as simple as possible. This is an opportunity to express yourself as a good rewriter with your own style, or even more styles, so as not to bother yourself with any read information submission.
  4. The ability to see the main thing in the articles used as the basis. Texts are always filled not only with facts but also with “water”. And you need to submit to your reader only qualitative information.
  5. The originality of submission. It is very important to be able to provide interesting information.

The main customers

The Internet is teeming with hungry sites needing good content. They find it easier to order quality rewriting than to pay for a professional copywriter that will cost much more. And who wants to overpay? In this regard, online stores take up a lion’s share of orders.

Good customers are also promoters of not only online stores, but any other resources, as well as web developers.

It is extremely profitable to cooperate with such employers since they always provide a business stream that means your fixed income. And another good type of orders – informational filling of news portals. Different themes, the same style of writing, but the main thing is a stable flow of work. And we will not forget scientific publications.

Where to look for all that? Something has been mentioned above. First, register on the largest freelance marketplaces. That’s where you can find a lot of highly paid orders.

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