How do I check my voicemail on Avaya 6408d+?

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How do I check my voicemail on Avaya 6408d+?


  1. Press your voicemail button (round envelope button) or dial the voicemail extension 328-3300 and listen for the voice prompt.
  2. Since you are dialing from your avaya desk phone, the system will recognize your mailbox number so you will be prompted for your password only.

How do you forward calls on an Avaya phone?

Activate Call Forwarding:

  1. Press the Forward button on your phone.
  2. Touch Call Forward.
  3. Dial the 5-digit extension number where your calls will be forwarded.
  4. Wait for confirmation tone.
  5. Hang up. The FORWARD button will light up.

How do I access my voicemail on Avaya?

To access your mailbox, dial *17 from your own extension.

  1. Some Avaya telephones have a dedicated voicemail key which can also be used to access your mailbox.
  2. If your Avaya telephone has DSS keys, your System Administrator can program on of those keys to access your mailbox.

How do I access my Avaya voicemail remotely?

Option 1: Call your Avaya phone. Call your telephone number, when the recording/greeting starts, press **, then press # when you hear the option to access your mail box. When prompted to enter your “mailbox number” enter your 5-digit extension (Example – 75421).

How do you program a Lucent phone?

How to Program a Lucent Phone System

  1. Go to the phone with extension 10 or 11.
  2. Press the “Feature” button.
  3. Push the intercom button on the left two times.
  4. Press the “#” key.
  5. Push the “#” button.
  6. Press the “Feature” key.
  7. Push the “Menu” key.
  8. Press the key under “AD” to program.

How do I check my voicemail on my Lucent phone?

How to Check Voicemail on a Lucent Phone

  1. Pick up your Lucent receiver and dial the numeric code provided by your company or employer to access the voicemail system.
  2. Enter your system code and wait for the recorded voice greeting.
  3. Enter your extension when prompted and press the confirmation key on your phone.

Is there an on phone directory on Avaya 6408d +?

While on-hook, press softkey below AutCB again. The Avaya 6408D+ digital phone has the option to have an on-phone telephone directory for on-campus extensions. This feature must be enabled by I.T. The on-phone directory information is based on Caller-ID information, so some people may not appear in the on-phone directory.

How to transfer a phone number on a 6408d?

Dial the extension where call is to be transferred OR press the pre-programmed button where call is to be transferred. You may privately talk to the person to whom the call is to be transferred. Press TRNSFR to complete the transfer.

How many conference calls can I make with the 6408d?

Conference calling The 6408D+ digital telephone only supports conference calls of up to 6 parties (You and 5 others). If you need a larger conference call, you can order a MeetMe conference here. To add another party to a call.

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