Can you kill the Merryweather pilot?

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Can you kill the Merryweather pilot?

The player can choose to kill the helicopter pilot and steal the Maverick instead.

How do I contact Merryweather?

How can I get them? Answer: The Lester and Merryweather abilities require first seeing the cutscene between Trevor and Ron. Look for a “T” on the map to get to Trevor’s trailer. You should have also received a phone call from Brucie.

How do I use Merryweather backup helicopter?

To do so, go to the “Contacts” app on your phone and call Merryweather. Select “Backup Helicopter” (which costs $5,000) and they will send a Buzzard to support you. As soon as the Buzzard arrives the trophy will unlock, regardless of whether it actually kills anyone.

What is Merryweather GTA V?

Merryweather is a private security agency in GTA Online. Using a Cell Phone, a GTA Online player of sufficient Rank may summon Merryweather assets to perform specific services. Ammo delivery to your location. Helicopter arrives and offers close air support.

Who kills the most money GTA 5?

When you kill Trevor he gives Franklin and Michael more money, but if you kill Michael, Lester gives it to his family, so the best options are to, “kill Trevor” or “Deathwish” for keeping the most money money.

How do you call Merryweather in GTA Online?

To call Merryweather, simply access your phone (up on the d-pad) and go to the Contacts section, which is in the top right corner. Once they answer, you’ll be able to select from the things you’ve unlocked from them.

How do you get the enjoy your stay achievement?

To unlock this achievement, you must participate in all activities in GTA Online at least once (no need to actually win them). All activities should be unlocked by the time you reach level 10, so you cant go and try to get all these done straight away.

Who is Merryweather Security in Grand Theft Auto online?

Merryweather Security Consulting is a private military company and security contractor featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

What does Merryweather Security wear in GTA 5?

They still wear the cap and shades combo, polo shirt with a bulletproof vest, pants with a gun holster and boots. However, the vests have a red outline and the word “SECURITY” is written in the back of their vests.

Where do you find Merryweather in GTA Online?

Merryweather offer multiple services to the GTA Online protagonist, despite being in conflict with the player and their Organizations and/or Motorcycle Clubs. Some of these services are also available as an CEO in the Interaction Menu, by navigating to the “CEO Abilities” section, albeit in the enhanced version only.

What is the Black List in GTA 5?

It’s a script that is applied manually to specific vehicles, to make sure you won’t be a cheeky boi and store a 200×200ft Cargo Plane in your 30×100ft garage somehow. It’s gotten the nickname “The Black List” by the community, which we call “blacklist” in casual terms.

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