What happens at day assessment unit?

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What happens at day assessment unit?

The Day Assessment Unit (DAU) provides a outpatient setting to assess you and your baby during your pregnancy. The DAU service is in addition to routine antenatal and in-patient care from 18 weeks onwards. Before 18 weeks please contact your GP/midwife or in an emergency attend A&E.

Where is the Headland unit at Treliske?

Visiting the Headland Unit The Headland Unit is on the site of the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

Can my partner come to my scan Cornwall?

Pregnant women and people can have one support partner with them at: Early pregnancy unit appointments. All maternity scan appointments including growth scans.

Where is the fetal medicine unit Treliske?

Maternity Day Assessment is in the Princess Alexandra Wing at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske in Truro. When you arrive at the hospital, follow the signs to the Princess Alexandra Wing. The Maternity Day Assessment Unit is on the ground floor.

What is the pregnancy assessment unit?

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) is a nurse-led service which provides specialist care for women who have, or who have had the following: Vaginal bleeding and/or pain in early pregnancy up to 16 weeks. A loss of liquor before 16 weeks (watery vaginal loss)

What is antenatal assessment unit?

Antenatal Day Assessment Unit – 01270 612178. ANDAU is a Midwife-led assessment area located within the Antenatal Clinic. If you require additional monitoring during your pregnancy, that does not require you to stay in hospital, it may take place at ANDAU.

Where is the fracture clinic treliske?

Fracture Clinic runs Monday to Friday at the St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle.

Where is the dermatology unit at Treliske?

The Dermatology Unit is behind Princess Alexandra Wing at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske, Truro.

Can my partner come to my scan Exeter?

One partner is able to attend the dating and anomaly scan – all other scans, such as growth scans, should be attended alone, though exceptions can be made if we anticipate having to break bad news. If a woman is being induced, they can have a partner with them between the hours of 0900hrs and 1700hrs.

Can partners attend scans Torbay?

Your partner is welcome to be present during this procedure. After your scan you will be seen by a healthcare assistant and offered a variety of blood tests including one for Down’s syndrome screening. Your community midwife will have given you information about these tests prior to your appointment.

Where is the fracture clinic Treliske?

Where is the sunrise Centre Treliske?

The Sunrise Centre is on the Royal Cornwall Hospital site in Treliske, in Truro. Find out more about visiting the Royal Cornwall Hospital. We run clinics from 9am until 5pm and radiotherapy from 8am to 5pm and provide an on call service at the weekends and bank holidays.

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