What feast day is February 16?

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What feast day is February 16?

Juliana of Nicomedia

Saint Juliana of Nicomedia
Feast February 16 (Catholic Church); December 21 (Eastern Orthodox Church)
Attributes Represented in pictures with a winged devil whom she leads by a chain. She is also shown enduring various tortures or fighting a dragon.
Patronage sickness

What day is St Daniels Day?

Saint Daniel may refer to: Daniel (biblical figure), biblical prophet, feast day July 21 (Roman Catholic) or December 17 (Eastern Orthodox)

What saint days are in February?

February 1. Aemilius; Agreve; Agreve and Ursicinus; Agrippanus and Ursicinus; Antony the Pilgrim; Brigid of Kildare; Ephrem the Syrian; Ignatius of Antioch; John of the Grating; Pionius; Seiriol; Sigibert of Austrasia;

  • February 2.
  • February 3.
  • February 4.
  • February 5.
  • February 6.
  • February 7.
  • February 8.
  • What saint has a feast day on March 16th?

    Saint Urho
    Patrick’s Day. His celebration day is set to March 16, the day before the March 17 feast day of St. Patrick. St….

    Saint Urho
    Feast Day March 16
    Known for Saving the Finnish grape crops from a frog or grasshopper plague
    In-universe information
    Full name Urho

    What is saint Juliana Falconieri patron of?

    Juliana Falconieri

    Saint Juliana Falconieri, O.S.M.
    Major shrine Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata, Florence, Italy
    Feast June 19
    Attributes represented in the religious habit of her Order with a Eucharistic host upon her breast
    Patronage bodily ills, sick people, sickness

    Who is the patron saint of chronic illnesses?

    St Camillus, as the patron saint of the sick, hospitals, nurses and physicians, is another all rounder. He is also reputedly a good bet for those seeking help with gambling.

    What does St Daniel stand for?

    of the pillar
    St Daniel’s epithet is, the Stylite, this means “of the pillar”. The word is from the Greek word stylos. This hold significance to St Daniel because he stood on a pillar and prayed to God for thirty-three years.

    Is Daniel a Catholic saint?

    Daniel, the Stylite Priest, is our Patron Saint. We celebrate his Feast day on December 11. The saint quickly became an attraction for the people. He celebrated the Eucharist on his pillar, preached sermons, dispensed spiritual advice, and cured the sick who were brought up to him.

    Who is the saint for Feb 10?

    Saint Scholastica
    Saint Scholastica is the patron saint of Benedictine nuns, education, and convulsive children, and is invoked against storms and rain. Her feast is celebrated on February 10.

    Can you eat meat on St Joseph Day?

    It’s Friday, but Catholics are free to eat meat today, and the church is ok with it. For that, you can thank St. Joseph. During Lent, Catholics are asked to refrain from eating meat during all Fridays in Lent until Easter (April 4).

    What Saints have feast days?

    Feast days are an opportunity to remember and be inspired by the lives of the saints, who are examples of holiness for us today….Printable Activities to Celebrate Saint Feast Days in March

    • Saint Katharine Drexel.
    • Saint Dominic Savio.
    • Saint Louise de Marillac.
    • Saint Patrick.
    • Saint Joseph.

    What feast days are celebrated during Lent?


    • Pre-Christmas. Advent (Western) Nativity Fast (Byzantine) Annunciation (Syriac)
    • Christmas.
    • Epiphany. Ordinary Time (Western)
    • Pre-Lent.
    • Lent (Western) / Great Lent (Eastern)
    • Paschal Triduum.
    • Easter.
    • Pentecost. Ordinary Time (Western) Apostles (East Syriac) Summer (East Syriac) Apostles’ Fast (Byzantine)

    When is Saint Olivia’s feast day?

    St. Olivia is the patron saint of music and has a mosque of her name in Tunis . Her feast day is June 10.

    When is Saint Gabriella’s feast day?

    Saint Gabriel the Archangel is the patron of radio, post offices, telephones, diplomats, and television. He is the messenger angel of God and is mentioned throughout the Catholic Bible. He is most famous for appearing to Mary and in the annunciation. Saint Gabriel the archangel’s feast day is September 29th.

    What is Saint Caroline’s feast day?

    Blessed Caroline Gerhardinger is the patron saint of Purity. Blessed Caroline Gerhardinger memorial feast day is May 9th. Blessed Caroline Gerhardinger Medals comes in sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled, gold/sterling, 14kt gold and is available in various sizes, from small charms to large medals.

    What is the feast day of Saint David?

    Feast day of Saint David. Saint David’s Day (Welsh: Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, Welsh pronunciation : [ˈdiːð ˈɡʊi̯l ˈdɛ.wi ˈsant]) is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March, the date of Saint David’s death in 589 AD.

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