Is Riviera SUP still in business?

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Is Riviera SUP still in business?

Established in coastal Southern California 2007 as the leading brand exclusive to creating Stand Up Paddle specific products only, Riviera Paddlesurf is still family owned and operated.

What are Riviera paddle boards made of?

The construction of Riviera Paddleboards sets them apart from a lot of sups in the beginner to all-arounder categories. The Riviera is designed with a multi-layered, durable construction that includes glass, bamboo and kevlar exterior protection along with a light weight EPS foam core.

What is the most stable SUP?

What Is the Most Stable Standup Paddleboard? Of the paddleboards we’ve tested and reviewed, we’d mark the 11’6″ BOTE HD Aero as the most stable on our list. This is due to its width, sidewalls, weight capacity, and overall construction.

Is surftech a good brand?

The quality is good- but not better than a handcrafted board. The pricing was pretty close to what I would’ve paid for a big-name polyester-glassed board. The bottom line is- performance-wise, this is one of the best longboards I’ve had.

What is a good beginner SUP?

If it’s quality and versatility you’re looking for, the best paddle board for beginners is the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride MSL SUP inflatable paddle board package. This isn’t the cheapest paddle board around, but if you’re planning on getting a fair bit of use out of your board it’s a great investment.

Where are surftech boards made?

Surftech boards are now manufactured in Thailand and shipped throughout the world. As of 2015, Surftech is owned by Triple D, a Thailand-based investment company.

What is fusion Poly?

$710.00. The Squirty / Fusion-Poly is a balance between paddling and maneuverability, the Yin and Yang of surfboard design.

Is the Riviera paddleboard a good recreational board?

This board has a very nice look, shape and overall recreational feel. It is stable, well constructed and pretty maneuverable. Last season we tried this board out on the slightly choppy waters of a nearby lake and found it to be among the best in its class.

Who are the founders of Riviera paddlesurf?

Riviera Paddlesurf was founded on a family’s love for Standup Paddleboarding and surfing. The family has worked to innovate and give as much back to the sport of SUP as they have gotten out of it as you can see by their high-quality innovative products that are known for their high performance SUP shapes.

What kind of blade does a Riviera bump paddle have?

The Riviera “BUMP” Paddle is the most technical paddle in the Riviera Paddles lineup. The “BUMP” features a carbon fiber… This paddle has a Carbon shaft and Fiberglass blade. The flex pattern is perfect for beginner to novice paddlers.

What should I know about the Riviera Surf Race?

A faster method for repairing all types of surfboards,… The Riviera surf race is a hybrid fin that has excellent release in flat water and was designed for downwind and surf applications. Perfect for… – Heavy Duty #10 Non corrosive zipper – 4 handles on each side for easy transport – Sidewall cinch straps (4 per side) – Handle in…

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