Can you die in Silent Hill 2?

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Can you die in Silent Hill 2?

James arrives at the conclusion that he is unable to live without Mary, realizing that he came to Silent Hill to commit suicide in a place of memories. James then drowns himself by driving into Toluca Lake with his wife’s corpse so they can be together in death.

What did James Sunderland do to his wife?

At the hotel, James locates a videotape which depicts him euthanizing his dying wife by smothering her with a pillow.

Does James kill himself in Silent Hill 2?

The other Silent Hill 2 endings are “In Water,” where James drowns himself after learning the truth.

Did Angela die in Silent Hill 2?

Angela disappears past the flames, leaving to find another way to suicide, feeling that it is the only choice and option she has left, eventually killing herself off-screen.

Did James really kill Mary?

Some SH2 players come to the conclusion that James didn’t love Mary and killed her out of self interest, but others believe that James did truly love her, that the murder was a mercy killing, and that he merely convinced himself that he killed her for purely selfish reasons out of the overwhelming guilt he feels.

Why did Pyramid Head kill himself?

Pyramid Head kills himself because his purpose for existing has been finished. In Silent Hill: Homecoming, Double Helix Games wanted to explore the nature of Pyramid Head.

Did Angela die sh2?

Angela’s death is never shown or mentioned in the game, but Masahiro Ito confirmed that she did indeed die, though he did not remember how. Angela killing herself is also suggested in the novelization which mentions “she was off to find her grave.”

What happened to Mary in Silent Hill 2?

It was not the disease that killed Mary, but her husband James, who suffocated her in her bed with a pillow. James sees himself smothering Mary on the video tape that he forgot at the Lakeview Hotel years ago, and this is how he eventually remembers his homicide, having repressed the memory previously.

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