Are there official forums for pilots of America?

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Are there official forums for pilots of America?

Official forum business, news, announcements, and technical support take place in this category of forums. All forums within this category are Aviation Only forums. Topics posted here not dealing with Aviation in some way will be moved or deleted. Change to my Frequency…

How does the IFC help Latin America and the Caribbean?

Income inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean remains high, despite significant progress the region has made in reducing poverty over the past few years. IFC works to foster inclusive growth, boost innovation, and strengthen regional integration.

What does the NIC do for the IFC?

The NIC provides direct support, resources and services to IFC officers, representatives, advisors and alumni to further the health and success of local fraternity communities. Fraternities must provide leadership to shape our future, and IFC and fraternity leaders on your campus are the force that can drive that positively change on campus.

Where can I apply for an IFC investment?

A company or entrepreneur seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach IFC directly. The investment proposal can be submitted to the IFC field office that is closest to the location of the proposed project.

Do you have to post anonymously on pilots of America?

To post anonymously you must click Post Anonymously? when submitting your post. You may also log out and post as an unregistered guest.

Can a post on an Aviation Forum be deleted?

Posts made anonymously in response to such posts will be deleted unless the content of the response requires anonymity. Forums in this category are not necessarily aviation specific.

What do you call a virtual pilot’s lounge?

These forums are our “Virtual Pilot’s Lounge” where you can come in, chat, have a cup of (virtual) coffee and a (virtual) donut and talk about just about anything you like. 🙂 Latest: Next word that comes to mind…

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