Are Tassimo pods and T discs the same?

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Are Tassimo pods and T discs the same?

T DISCS are the official TASSIMO pods. They are created by TASSIMO and exclusively compatible with TASSIMO machines. To get the perfect hot drinks from your TASSIMO machine, make sure you use the official T DISCS. Alternative coffee pods from other brand are not compatible with your TASSIMO machine.

Can you use different pods in tassimo?

You can use any t-disc in any Tassimo coffee maker, as all pods work in any of the home Tassimo machines, they all make the same drinks. However, you cannot use the pods from a commercial Tassimo machine in a domestic coffee maker, they are not compatible.

Do you need milk pods for Tassimo hot chocolate?

To make a hot chocolate drink, you only need your TASSIMO machine and a hot chocolate pod (T DISC). Exclusives, such as TASSIMO Oreo and TASSIMO Baileys Hot Chocolate need two pods: one for the milk and one for the chocolate.

Is tassimo being discontinued?

But given how we are all recycling at home and in the office and the recycling programmes created and promoted by both Nespresso and Tassimo, coffee capsules are not going anywhere, any time soon.

Can I use a Tassimo Disc twice?

Short answer – use each Tassimo disc just once and then throw it out. Take a look at the photo above. The left glass holds coffee I made with a Tassimo brewer. A cup of coffee made with a single-serve brewer typically costs two or three times as much.

Why do you only get half a cup with Tassimo?

Tassimo not brewing full cup / Tassimo only makes half cup This could be caused by too much limescale and thus you need to follow the steps above to descale your coffee machine. Either way, follow the descaling tips above and you should now get a full cup of your favourite drink, just like when you first bought it.

How do you make a full cup of coffee with Tassimo happy?

  1. As your drink is being dispensed, towards the end press and hold the start stop button, release it when your cup is nearly full.
  2. The individual pods are coded for the volume of drink they produce.

Can you still buy Tassimo coffee machines?

Current machines Tassimo offers five models of single-cup coffee maker compatible with the “home-use” T-discs. However the T46 and T65 are no longer offered for sale in the US. These models are the T20, T46, T47, T55 and T65. There is also a Tassimo Professional model designed for office and trade use.

How long do Tassimo milk DISCs last?

What is the shelf life of the T Discs? Please refer to the information on the external T DISC packaging for a best before date. T DISCs are best enjoyed within 6 weeks of opening.

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