What are Viceroyalties ck2?

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What are Viceroyalties ck2?

With the. Charlemagne DLC, independent feudal emperors can grant kingdoms or duchies to vassals as Viceroyalties. Unlike regular titles, viceroyal titles automatically revert to the liege upon their holder’s death, lessening the chance that vassals will grow too powerful or pass their titles on to disloyal heirs.

What were the four Viceroyalties of Latin America?

The Spanish Americas had four viceroyalties: Viceroyalty of New Spain. Viceroyalty of Peru. Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata.

How do you become Viceroyalty?

First, you have to have the Charlemagne DLC, then as an emperor you have to approve the “Viceroy” law, then you can grant it like a normal king title, but when they die you get the title back.

How do I fix my vassal limit?

you can do this picking a duke character and “transfer vassalage” of one of your counts to him. You may have to create a new duchy or give one away. if the extra count is in one of your controlled duchies, consider revoking his title through plot if possible or use your Magistros (that right?) to forge a claim.

How do you get primogeniture?

Switch to Primogeniture indirectly: If you have Gavelkind or Elective gavelkind succession laws and wish to escape into Primogeniture, consider changing to Seniority or Elective first, while working up your Crown Authority (or Late Feudal Administration with Conclave).

How do you increase demesne?

The demesne limit may be increased the following ways:

  1. Having a high sterwardship skill and steward education (Midas Touched, Fortune Builder)
  2. Marrying a spouse with high stewardship skill.
  3. Legalism technology upgrades.
  4. Gavelkind law increases demesne limit by 30%.
  5. A combination of any/all the above.

What is the best succession law ck2?

The best succession law, hands down, is Patrician Seniority. Then, Feudal Elective when you are the sole elector. Then, Agnatic Open.

What is Cognatic primogeniture?

cognatic primogeniture nowadays refers to any form of primogeniture which allows females. Primogeniture is inheritance by the first-born of the entirety of a parent’s wealth, estate or office, or in the absence of children, by collateral relatives in order of seniority of the collateral line.

How are custom kingdoms named in Crusader Kings 2?

Custom kingdoms are named after their creator’s primary duchy (although they can be renamed with the Customization Pack DLC) and belong to the same de jure empire that the ruler’s previous de jure kingdom was part of.

How does a ducal title work in a viceroyalty?

You grant one of your kingdom titles as a viceroyalty (or a ducal title as a minor viceroyalty) to a vassal. When the vassal dies, the title reverts to you, but the vassal’s children gets a claim.

Where are the realm laws in Crusader Kings 2?

If the Conclave DLC is activated, this law is found under the Realm laws tab. Note that having viceroy vassals will upset your feudal duke+ vassals who are not themselves viceroys. The opinion penalty is -2 for each viceroy kingdom and -1 for each viceroy duchy held by a direct vassal.

What does it mean to have a viceroyalty?

With imperial administration you can have kingdom viceroyalty AND duchy viceroyalty. It means you can give a kingdom/duchy you own to a vassal making him viceroy. When he dies the kingdom/duchy come backs to you AND you can give it again. It usefull as emperor to have loyal vassals.

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