How do I download Tapestry?

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How do I download Tapestry?

Step 1: Log into Tapestry using the web browser version through our login page at Step 2: Click on your username at the top right of the screen and select ‘Downloads’ from the drop down list. Step 3: On the Downloads page you should see all downloads you have available.

Can you download videos off Tapestry?

Download to PDF Whilst during the year you might choose to keep that all only on Tapestry, you can also export any of it at any time if you’d like an offline copy. These can be exported as PDFs which you and the families can download. You can also export all pictures and videos into a zip file.

Is there a Tapestry app?

The Tapestry app is available for Apple, Android and Amazon Fire devices, putting all the essential Tapestry functionality right with you in the classroom.

Can parents download tapestry PDF?

It is possible for parents to keep a copy of the Tapestry learning journal at the end of Reception. This guide explains how you can download your child’s learning journal as a PDF through Tapestry. These downloads are only available for 7 days after being created, so don’t delay downloading if it’s possible.

How do you use Tapestry app?

Just search for the name “Tapestry mobile” with the Tapestry logo in your App store. Once logged in, you will see your child’s observations on your home screen in a list – selecting any one of these will open up the observation for you to look at.

How long can Tapestry videos be?

If you are planning on recording videos, please remember that there is a 10 minute, or 5GB limit. We hope that will be enough time for you to read a story or teach a phonic sound. You can create a host of activities to send home to your children.

Can you use Tapestry offline?

Some of the great new features we have added to the app are: An offline mode, so you can access Tapestry and make observations without an internet connection. Push notifications, so you can receive notifications through the app on a device.

How long can tapestry videos be?

How do parents use Tapestry Apps?

Can you upload videos on tapestry?

To add a photo or video to your observation, press the camera icon. Select ‘take a photo’ to take a photograph through the Tapestry app, and ‘Record a Video’ to record video through the Tapestry app. Please make sure your Android device permissions allow the Tapestry app to use the camera and the microphone.

Is there a classic version of the Tapestry app?

The classic version of the Tapestry companion app for those that cannot run the new app on their device. This is the companion app for Tapestry, the EYFS Online Learning Journal. If you are a parent, and are experiencing difficulties logging into the app, please speak to your school or nursery first.

Is the tapestry Learning Journal free to use?

The Tapestry online learning journal is also available as an easy-to-use, secure app, meaning capturing key learning moments, and videoing milestones are even easier. If you’d like to see how using Tapestry can enhance and simplify your setting or school, why not take out a free, no obligation, 2 week trial today.

Can you install tapestry Mobile on a laptop?

Although Tapestry Mobile application is created for Android operating system as well as iOS by The Foundation Stage Forum Ltd. one can install Tapestry Mobile on PC for laptop. You’ll notice few necessary steps listed below and it is advisable to carry out before you start to download Tapestry Mobile PC.

What happens when you close the Tapestry app?

Tapestry Mobile automatically locks the app whenever you close it, but you’ll be able to log back in quickly using a pin. It does not provide full access to the features of Tapestry.

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