How do you use a field strength SWR tester?

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How do you use a field strength SWR tester?

Set the CB radio to channel 1, and select “Forward” on the SWR tester. Transmit a signal and adjust the calibration knob so that the needle on the meter aligns with the “Cal” marker. Select “Ref” on the SWR tester and take a note of the output reading on the scale. Stop transmitting.

What is a field strength SWR tester?

In addition to SWR and power, the included antenna allows you to measure field strength around your CB antenna. An SWR meter is an essential tool for installing a CB radio and antenna. It allows you to tune your antenna, which is adjusting the length of the antenna for optimum performance.

How do I calibrate my SWR power meter?

Turn the SWR calibration knob fully counter-clockwise. Key the microphone and, while continuing to depress the talk button, adjust the calibration knob so that the needle touches the “SET” mark on the meter. When the needle reaches the “SET” mark, flip the switch to “FWD”

How does a field strength meter work?

A field strength meter is an instrument that measures the electric field strength emanating from a transmitter. A field strength meter is actually a simple receiver. After a tuner circuit, the signal is detected and fed to a micro-ammeter or, in this circuit, a digital voltmeter (DVM).

Do you need a SWR meter?

To tune your antenna, you will need to use a SWR meter. This device is attached between your antenna and radio. This device measures the amount of signal being reflected into your transmitter to help you measure the quality of your outgoing broad cast as well as any potential threat to your radio.

What does a field strength meter do?

In telecommunications, a field strength meter is an instrument that measures the electric field strength emanating from a transmitter.

How is antenna field strength measured?

Use E=AF*V where E is the field strength in volts/meter, V is the voltage received by the spectrum analyzer, and AF is the antenna factor. The units of AF are 1/meter. The antenna factor is antenna specific and is supplied by the manufacturer.

Can I leave my SWR meter in line?

You could leave the SWR meter connected in-line, but you have to have a way to secure it so it’s not bouncing around and it’s out of the way. Really, if you can access the connections on the back of your CB, it’s easy enough to connect the meter to calibrate your antenna and then remove it.

What is the best SWR reading?

Interpreting SWR Meter Readings

  • SWR 1.0-1.5: The ideal range!
  • SWR 1.5 – 1.9: There’s room for improvement, but SWR in this range should still provide adequate performance.
  • SWR 2.0 – 2.4: While not good, this likely won’t damage your radio with casual use.

Are built in SWR meters accurate?

A built in meter is a multi purpos meter. and often times they arent the most accurate thing in the world. An External SWR meter is built for one purpose and one purpose alone, and above and beyond that it is of higher quality than the internal.

Is there a Micronta field strength SWR meter?

I have an older RS, Micronta SWR meter with a catalog number of 21-520A. Radio Shack had, at the same time the model 21-525 SWR bridge with a built in field strength meter that was rated at 1000 watts and the model 21-521 SWR bridge that had a 2 position “antenna switch” that was rated at a maximum of 500 watts.

Where is the best place to use a SWR meter?

The best place to operate an SWR meter is in a clear, open area, such as a parking lot or field. Ask anyone in your immediate vicinity to stand a minimum of 20 feet (6.1 m) away from your radio. If they’re crowding the antenna, they could get in the way of the outgoing signal.

Can a field strength meter be used to test RF?

The use of a field strength meter to test the RF output of a 2pill and a 6pill. Good to see a steady forward swing with one or both on line. One tip I forgot to mention in the video is that if you’re looking for an SWR meter, get one with the smallest possible increments so that it’s easier to discern small changes in SWR.

How to adjust the SWR on Your Radio?

HOW TO ADJUST THE SWR ON YOUR RADIO. Equipment needed: SWR meter, short jumper coax 3 foot. Procedure: The SWR meter needs to be placed in line between the antenna and the CB. Connect the antenna (normally connected to the back of the CB ) to the connector marked “Antenna” or “Ant” on your SWR Meter.

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