Where is the Aswan Dam located?

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Where is the Aswan Dam located?

Aswan High Dam is a rock-fill dam located at the northern border between Egypt and Sudan. The dam is fed by the River Nile and the reservoir forms Lake Nasser. Construction for the project began in 1960 and was completed in 1968. It was officially inaugurated in 1971.

Who built the Aswan Low Dam?

John Aird & Co.
Ransom & Rapier
Aswan Low Dam/Contractors

What is the biggest dam in Egypt?

the Aswan High Dam
In the middle of the arid Egyptian desert lies one of the largest embankment dams in the world. It is called the Aswan High Dam, or Saad el Aali in Arabic, and it captures the mighty Nile River in the world’s third largest reservoir, Lake Nasser.

What city is Aswan High Dam in?

Aswān, Egypt
Aswan High Dam, Arabic Al-Sadd al-ʿĀlī, rockfill dam across the Nile River, at Aswān, Egypt, completed in 1970 (and formally inaugurated in January 1971) at a cost of about $1 billion.

Is the Aswan Dam Good or bad?

The Aswan Dam benefits Egypt by controlling the annual floods on the Nile River and prevents the damage which used to occur along the floodplain. The Aswan High Dam provides about half of Egypt’s power supply and has improved navigation along the river by keeping the water flow consistent.

Is the Aswan Dam the largest dam in the world?

Aswan high dam, the third biggest in the world, impounds the River Nile and creates Lake Nasser. Robert-Bourassa is the tenth biggest dam in the world with a reservoir capacity of 61.7 billion cubic metres.

Who built the first dam in Egypt?

The dam was built in the first half of the third millennium BC by the ancient Egyptians for flood control and is the oldest dam of such size in the world. Never completed, the dam was under construction for 10–12 years before being destroyed by a flood….Sadd el-Kafara.

Total capacity ~570,000 m3 (20,000,000 cu ft) Est.

How many dams Egypt has?

More dams on the Nile Over the past 50 years, six Nile Basin countries have built 25 hydroelectric dams. As of 2019, four dams were under construction with four more being studied.

Why the Aswan Dam is bad?

Also, the annual spread of sediment due to the Nile floods occurred along the banks of the Nile. Areas far from the river which never received the Nile floods before are now being irrigated. A more serious issue of trapping of sediment by the dam is that it has increased coastline erosion surrounding the Nile Delta.

What are the disadvantages of the Aswan Dam?

DISADVANTAGES OF ASWAN DAM The hydroelectric power accounts for 45% of Egypt’s energy needs. and the size of the Egyptian population increases. variations downstream as the amount of water released is regulated. with the temples that line the river.

Where was the Aswan Low Dam in Egypt?

Aswan Low Dam. The dam was built at the former first cataract of the Nile, and is located about 1000 km up-river and 690 km (direct distance) south-southeast of Cairo. When initially constructed between 1899 and 1902, nothing of its scale had ever been attempted; on completion, it was the largest masonry dam in the world.

How big is the Aswan Low hydroelectric power plant?

The Aswan Low Dam supports two hydroelectric power plants, Aswan I (1960) and Aswan II (1985–1986). Aswan I contains 7 X 40 megawatts (54,000 hp) generators with Kaplan turbines for a combined capacity of 280 megawatts (380,000 hp) and is located west of the dam.

Who was president when the Aswan Dam was built?

Egyptian President Nasser and Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev at the ceremony to divert the Nile during the construction of the Aswan High Dam on 14 May 1964.

When was the first dam across the Nile built?

Following their 1882 invasion and occupation of Egypt, the British began construction of the first dam across the Nile in 1898. Construction lasted until 1902, and it was opened on 10 December 1902, by HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn.

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