How to choose the best Grundfos pump system?

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How to choose the best Grundfos pump system?

Check out the full list. Select, configure, price and quote engineered pumps and systems for industrial, municipal or commercial applications through the Grundfos Express selection tool. Search, size, select and compare standard Grundfos pumps and pre-engineered Grundfos pump systems. Find the right dosing pump for your application.

Who is the CEO of Grundfos water solutions?

Poul Due Jensen, CEO of Grundfos joined over 70 CEOs in releasing an open letter to world leaders in support of “bold and courageous commitments, p… As a Corporate Partner of UNITECH International, Grundfos strengthens its talent pipeline and joins a vibrant Corporate and Academic community that…

Who are the authorized service partners for Grundfos?

Grundfos offers full-range, nationwide service through our network of service centers and Authorized Service Partners. Have a specific question? If our FAQs page does not answer your question, get in touch with our team.

How does Grundfos treat and reuse its own wastewater?

Grundfos Serbia to treat and reuse its own wastewater In a groundbreaking move, the Grundfos production site in Indjija will treat wastewater and return it to the facility. Macau-based circuit board manufacturer receives 2018 award. Grundfos reports half-year result. Students from all over the world gather to discuss future water solutions.

What kind of water company is Grundfos?

Grundfos | We develop water solutions for the world. We set the standard in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. We are a pump company connecting with millions and millions of people every day.

What kind of pump is Grundfos CRE plus?

Grundfos CRE Plus pump is a CR pump, motor and integrated variable frequency drive. The CRE pump is a system which is able to solve application problems and save energy. The basic CR pump range, which can be applied in almost any industrial solution, is already in itself the broadest range available.

What’s the difference between Grundfos cm and CME pumps?

Grundfos CM / CME pump has been created with compactness, flexibility and reliability as its central features. This horizontal multistage close-coupled pump is a compact, reliable and quiet pump designed to work in a variety of applications. The difference between the CM and the CME pump ranges is the motor.

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