What bike does David Beckham ride in into the unknown?

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What bike does David Beckham ride in into the unknown?

This week has seen the first airing of “Beckham into the Unknown” – a 90 minute BBC documentary showing one of sport’s most iconic figures David Beckham riding deep into the Amazon rainforest on a custom Bonneville as he faces real life dangers and hundreds of miles of hard-core riding.

How fast does a Triumph T100 go?

115 mph (est.)

Is a Triumph Bonneville T100 a good first bike?

If you’re considering the Triumph Bonneville T100 as your first bike, we think it’s a great choice! The T100 is a good size with plenty of power, great handling and a comfortable riding position. It also has a fairly low 31” seat, making it accessible for shorter riders, including women ready to roll on two wheels.

What bike did David Beckham ride in Amazon?

Built for an adventure deep into the Amazon jungle, yet slick and manoeuvrable enough to cope with Rio’s chaotic streets, the Triumph Bonnevilles featured in David Beckham’s BBC documentary are uniquely suited to purpose.

What helmet does Beckham wear?

The closest approved helmet to the one he often wears is the Racer from Italian maker DMD. With its slightly motocross look you can wear it with goggles or sunglasses, or a visor.

What is the top speed of a Triumph Bonneville?

Key specs and dimensions

Model Triumph Bonneville T120
Engine 1200cc SOHC liquid-cooled parallel twin
BHP 79bhp @ 6550rpm
Torque 105Nm @ 3100rpm
Top speed 120mph

What motorcycle does David Beckham?

Customs DBSC Motorcycle
In addition to being a soccer legend, model, and UNICEF ambassador, David Beckham is a motorcycle enthusiast. His British Customs DBSC Motorcycle is a rugged, versatile bike that matches his persona.

What kind of Tyre does a Bonneville T100 use?

PR4 trail comes in 110/80R19 & 150/70R17, think that’s the closest for T100. I have the standard Metzeler rear tyre which bearing in mind the age ahs worn badly down the centre. Im looking for something a little more knobbly for the muddy, cruddy bad roads near me.

Why are the tyres on my Triumph T100 flat?

After a very unnerving ride over the weekend, where I felt the bike ‘tram lining’ on the bad road surface, I checked the tyres, to find the rear has a 40mm flat down the middle. I’m looking for a replacement rear and will chasnge the front at the same time.

How much tread is left on my T100?

While we’re on the subject, my T100 is still running the original Metzeler tyres, and has done 2500 miles. There’s 3mm of tread left on the front. How many miles do you think I’ve got left on them? (Lots more tread on rear.) Click to expand… Well to a very great extent it depends on you and how you ride.

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