Why did Ai Yazawa stop NANA?

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Why did Ai Yazawa stop NANA?

In June 2009, it was revealed that Yazawa had contracted a sudden illness, and had to be sent to hospital for treatment, putting Nana on hiatus.

Is NANA manga coming back?

NANA is back! The hit manga series by Ai Yazawa (Paradise Kiss, Princess Ai) was adapted into a TV anime by Madhouse from 2006 to 2007, and now the complete series is returning in glorious HD thanks to a license rescue by Sentai Filmworks.

Who does Nana Komatsu end up with?

Nana K. clings to Takumi’s calm attitude towards her pregnancy, and she is given strength through his kindness at that time. Because of her pregnancy, she marries Takumi (initially in name only, for Takumi delayed their wedding because of Osaki’s engagement to Ren).

Is NANA coming back 2021?

The Nana anime series that was created by Madhouse from 2000-2007 is returning! Sentai Filmworks announced on January 26, 2021 that it had acquired the anime adaptation of Nana. All 47 episodes of the anime will be “upconverted from its original format to vivid high definition”.

Do Ren and Nana marry?

Currently they are married but he is shown living in England with their son Ren while, Nana lives with their daughter Satsuki at Shirogane.

Is Ren dead Nana?

In chapter 78 it is revealed that following the car crash which concluded Chapter 77, on Nana’s 21’st birthday, Ren has died. In chapter 78.5, Nobu and Takumi confirm the identity of Ren’s body. Upon receiving news of Ren’s death, Nana momentarily went into shock.

Why did Ai Yazawa put Nana on hold?

Ai Yazawa on NANA, 10 Years Later: “I’m sorry to keep you waiting!” For those unfamiliar: manga artist Ai Yazawa has put her series, NANA, on hold. The popular manga has been on haitus since 2009 due to the author’s unspecified health issues. It’s been reported that she has been undergoing treatment for a serious illness.

Who is the creator of the manga Nana?

NANA has remained a fairly popular manga despite its indefinite hiatus after creator Ai Yazawa was hospitalized in 2009. The manga follows the coming-of-age story about two young women, Nana Komatsu and Nana Oosaki, who become close roommates chasing their dreams.

When did the Nana manga go on hiatus?

Their transition to the adult phase is not without drama. NANA was put on hiatus in June 2009 when Ai Yazawa became ill with an undisclosed illness. The entire series to date is collected in the 21 tankobon volumes that have been released.

How did the two Nanas in Nana meet?

The two Nanas meet on the train ride to the city. Later, they run into each other again when they happen to check out the same apartment, and the girls decide to become roommates. The series chronicles their friendship and their lives as each chases her dreams.

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