How do you grow Auto Mazar?

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How do you grow Auto Mazar?

Usually Auto Mazar is grown by intermediate and expert autoflower growers as this strain, when properly cared for, can give massive yields and even outperform some regular photosensitive plant because autoflowering plants can be grown under 20 hours of light and comparing to 12/12 light cycle that is 8 more hours a day …

What strain is Mazar?

Mazar Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Afghani and Mazar I Sharif, two age-old indica strains originating from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. This strain delivers powerfully relaxing effects to both body and mind, making it a good choice for late night use or for after-work unwinding.

What is auto Mazar?

Auto Mazar is the result of crossing our original Mazar variety with an Indica-dominant autoflower. Mazar (Afghani x Skunk # 1) is a legendary cannabis strain that has been used by many other seedbanks and breeders to develop new powerful poly hybrids.

Is Northern Lights autoflowering?

Northern Light Automatic infuses the best traits of this iconic strain in a convenient, autoflowering package. Northern Lights is one of the best-known strains of cannabis in the world. This indica cultivar derives from Afghan genetics and was originally bred in the US in the 1970s.

What does Mazar i Sharif taste like?

The Mazar-I-Sharif strain is famed for a fresh flowery scent that can fill a room. The potent sage and spicy smell is a genuine delight. You may also get hints of sweet and sour combined with an earthy aroma.

What strain is Kona Gold?

Hawaiian sativa strain
Kona Gold is a landrace Hawaiian sativa strain first discovered on the Kailua-Kona side of Hawaii’s Big Island. The top reported aromas of the Kona Gold strain are tropical fruits, citrus, and oranges. It is said to taste like sweet citrus, mango, and other tropical fruit.

What strain is strawberry cake?

Formerly known as Strawberry Cheesecake, this strain was bred by Heavyweight Seeds by crossing Chronic, White Widow, and Cheese. Strawberry Cake comes with a classic Cheese taste and aroma that is accompanied by a delicious sweetness.

Do Northern Lights smell?

it won’t smell strong until the buds start to form properly mate, you can also become used to the smell from your own plants so don’t notice it as much compared to someone else’s grow….

Is Northern Lights auto easy to grow?

The Northern Lights autoflower strain of marijuana is quite easy to grow, although of course making sure its climate and environment are ideal will help increase the yield to being as high as possible. It is highly resistant to diseases, making for an excellent strain for beginners to try growing.

Where does the Mazar strain of cannabis come from?

The Mazar cannabis strain is believed to originate from this farm. It was made by crossing the Afghani landrace strain with the ever popular indica, Skunk #1. Smoking the Mazar cannabis strain is quite a treat. Burning this strain brings out lemon-pepper flavors that complement the skunk and floral odors.

How is Mazar used to treat cancer patients?

Some cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have found Mazar quite effective at bringing back appetite and countering nausea. It’s been used by reviewers at night to stimulate appetite before their last meal and to prepare them for a restful night’s sleep.

What kind of flavor does burning Mazar have?

Burning this strain brings out lemon-pepper flavors that complement the skunk and floral odors. The narcotic-like effect reported by reviewers sent them into a giggly state of semi-confused bliss. Not only did their mood improve remarkably, the power of this strain also made it hard to remember anything that was upsetting them.

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