Is there Railway Station in Mandi?

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Is there Railway Station in Mandi?

The nearest railway stations are at Kiratpur Sahib in Punjab. Taxis to Mandi are easily available outside the railway station. You may also choose to go to Chandigarh Railway Station or Kalka by broad gauge train which are connected by regular bus and taxi services.

How can I reach Mandi from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh?

By train: The alternative to reach Mandi from Delhi is to travel by train up to Kiratpur Sahib by Delhi-Una Himachal express (Train number 14553). It takes approximately 3.5 hrs to reach Mandi from Kiratpur by road. The Kiratpur Sahib railway station is very small and a bit far from the bus stand.

Which zone is Mandi?

Mandi district is one of the central districts of Himachal Pradesh state in northern India. The town of Mandi is the headquarters of the district….

Mandi district
• Total 999,777
• Density 250/km2 (660/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+05:30 (IST)
Major highways NH 3, NH 154

Who is SDM Mandi?

Sh. Arindam Chaudhary, IAS | District Mandi, Government of Himachal Pradesh | India.

Where is IIT Mandi situated?

The main campus of IIT Mandi is in Kamand valley. The village is located in Mandi Tehsil of Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. The village is on the banks of Uhl- a tributary of the river Beas. Kamand is approximately 14 kms from Mandi town.

Which railway station is near to Kullu Manali?

Jogindernagar railway station
Jogindernagar railway station is the nearest railhead to Manali that connects the hill station with several important cities of the country. Chandigarh and Ambala are other options to reach Manali by train.

What is the old name of Mandi?

Mandav Nagar
Mandi (formerly known as Mandav Nagar, also known as Sahor) is a major town and a municipal corporation in Mandi District in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

How many SDM are there in a district?

three sub
To maintain the general administration of the district there is one additional district magistrate and three sub-divisional magistrate for the assistance of district magistrate.

Does IIT Mandi have snow?

At first, a heavy winter shower occured followed and replaced by small white snow,which was followed by heavy snowfall ,which resembled large cottony flakes. Within a while,the 3 Mountains were covered with white snow caps.It was for the first time known, Kamand experienced snowfall.

Which is the nearest railway station to Mandi?

Mandi is one of the largest cities of Himachal Pradesh and is well connected to all major cities of Himachal Pradesh , Punjab and Delhi. The nearest railway stations are at Kiratpur Sahib in Punjab. Taxis to Mandi are easily available outside the railway station.

Which is the STD code of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh?

The STD code of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is 01905. Location of Mandi , Himachal Pradesh *The Map Showing the Mandi City of Himachal Pradesh in Detail.

How many railway stations are there in Himachal Pradesh?

There are 57 railway stations in Himachal Pradesh. Name and code of railway stations in Himachal Pradesh is listed below. Important and main railway stations are in blue colour. For information about other train stations in Himachal Pradesh, use the search box given below this list.

How long is the road from Delhi to Mandi?

The road distance between Delhi and Mandi is ~475 km. and it usually takes approximately 12 hrs (depending on traffic and other conditions) by bus. Traveling by taxi or personal vehicle, reduces the journey time by nearly an hour.

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