Where is the best duck hunting in Michigan?

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Where is the best duck hunting in Michigan?

However, some of the best public hunting areas are Michigan’s Wetland Wonders: seven managed waterfowl hunting areas totaling almost 29,000 acres, all in lower Michigan. These include Nayanquing Point, Fish Point, Shiawassee River, Harsens Island, Pointe Mouillee, Muskegon County Wastewater and Fennville Farm Unit.

How many ducks can you shoot in Michigan?

The daily bag limit is six teal, and the possession limit is 18 teal.

Is duck hunting good in Michigan?

Whether you’re on the big water or one of our thousands of inland lakes and wetlands, Michigan is your waterfowl hunting destination. With 15 DNR-managed public waterfowl management areas and high quality wetlands on game areas across southern Michigan, there are plenty of opportunities to fill your bag.

Can you shoot ducks on the water in Michigan?

It is legal to shoot a duck on the water, though his vitals (other then his head) ride mostly under water. Its a moral question, not a legal one. Up to each person to decide.

Can I own a mallard duck in Michigan?

MIGRATORY WATERFOWL AND OTHER MIGRATORY BIRDS Both State and Federal permits are required in order to purchase or sell most live migratory waterfowl. It is the responsibility of an individual wishing to keep waterfowl in captivity, including mallard ducks, to understand Federal regulations.

Is it illegal to feed ducks in Michigan?

According to Michigan DNR, you shouldn’t feed them at all Swans, geese, and ducks are common on and near the local lakes.

Why do ducks fly at night?

Waterfowl are typically more active at night in mild weather and curtail their nocturnal activity during severe weather. Waterfowl generally fly out to feed earlier in the evening on moonlit, windy nights than on moonless, calm nights.

Can you duck hunt anywhere?

You absolutely must know your duck species to duck hunt legally practically anywhere. This is because not all ducks are fair game at the same time, and depending on conservation, they may not be available to hunt at all during some seasons – even if they were last year.

Is it illegal to have a mallard duck?

Legal Status: Mallards are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. It is illegal for any person to take, possess, transport, sell, or purchase them or their parts, such as feathers, nests, or eggs, without a permit.

What do you do if you find a duck in your yard?

“Leave the duck alone and try to keep dogs, cats and children away from the nest.” If she is successful and her eggs hatch, the mother duck will lead her ducklings to the nearest body of water, often the day they hatch.

Who is the best guide for duck hunting in Michigan?

At MI Guide Service, Captain Jeremy Ullmann specializes in giving all of his clients an Incredible and unique Michigan duck hunting experience.

How much does it cost to hunt seaduck in Michigan?

Seaduck Hunts – November/Early December ~ $300 a hunter, per day. Plus licenses and Duck stamp. Hunt on the world famous Saginaw Bay for the long-tailed duck once known as oldsquaw! Loading… Be the first to like this.

Where can you hunt king eiders in Michigan?

In addition to our incredible Michigan guided duck hunts in the fall, Captain Jeremy also offers guided hunts for King Eiders, Harlequin and Old squaws in Alaska over the winter. This hunt is once in a lifetime hunt and a must for any waterfowl hunter! This hunt is located off of St. Paul Island and is home of the King Eider.

How much does it cost to hunt goose in Michigan?

Hunting is in our guides‘ blood… Located in SE Michigan we can accommodate groups of up to 8 in each field. 1. Goose Hunts – September (early season)/October ~ $250 a hunter, per day. Plus Licenses. 2. Goose and/or Puddle Duck Combo (if possible) – October ~ $250 a hunter, per day.

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