Is eCreamery still in business?

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Is eCreamery still in business?

eCreamery is an ice cream, gelato and sorbet retailer. They are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and have one parlor location at 5001 Underwood Avenue in the Dundee neighborhood….ECreamery Ice Cream and Gelato.

Type Privately held business
Founder Abby Jordan and Becky App
Headquarters Omaha, Nebraska , U.S.
Area served United States

What happened to eCreamery from shark tank?

eCreamery is now a top-selling product at Harry & David, the gourmet food gift seller. An executive there had seen the “Shark Tank” episode and agreed to give eCreamery a test run.

What is the business eCreamery all about?

eCreamery is an online ice cream store that encourages customers to personalize favorite flavors with fun labels and send them as gifts. (Gelato and sorbet are also in the offering.)

When was eCreamery on Shark Tank?

eCreamery Shark Tank Recap eCreamery opened in 2007 and has a little more than $2 million in sales since. They are on track to do $750K in 2012 which will yield a profit of around $60K.

Is Ecreamery ice cream good?

“Having ice cream delivered is a delightful surprise, plus the wonderful flavors are delicious. Very creamy and high-end. I can’t wait to send this to someone.” “Ecreamery is a great product, but their shipping costs are too high which prevents me from ordering more often.”

How many flavors does Ecreamery?

My family loved every flavor from strawberry to butter pecan to s’mores and everything in between. We ordered 12 flavors…all excellent!

What happened Cate app?

Kevin and Daymond invested on the condition that Neil re-brand. After the episode aired, 10,000 people downloaded the app, interestingly most of them women. Neil pursued government, law enforcement, and investor markets before eventually closing the business. CATE App is no longer in business.

Is Ecreamery kosher?

Unfortunately, our flavors are NOT Kosher.

How much is CateApp worth?

CateApp – Neal Desai gets right down to business and wants $50k for a 5% stake in the privacy App. valuing the technology at $1 million.

Is the ecreamery ice cream a good gift?

Received the New Years basket as a gift today and was so impressed with everything from the packaging and incredibly delicious ice cream to the ice cream scoop, spoons and sprinkles! A very unexpected gift that I will thoroughly enjoy. This ice cream is soooo good!

Who is ecreamery ice cream on Shark Tank?

Advertiser Disclosure: Shark Tank Success earns commissions from qualifying purchases. – Abby Jordan and Becky App wants $250k for a 33% interest in their one of a kind Personalized Ice Cream Gift Business. Customers can visit the e Creamery website and start by picking out their favorite flavors of ice cream in over 50 flavors.

How many flavors of ecreamery ice cream are there?

Choose from over 40 flavors and 30 mix-ins to create your own ice cream. Customize the label, too! eCreamery did a fantastic job creating a custom container of ice cream for our wedding day! Their ice cream and gelato is amazing!

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