How long do you have to wear a walking boot after bunion surgery?

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How long do you have to wear a walking boot after bunion surgery?

Your Recovery After surgery, you will need to wear a cast or a special type of shoe to protect your toe and to keep it in the right position for at least 3 to 6 weeks. After some types of surgeries, a cast or special shoe is used for a few months.

Do you get a walking boot after bunion surgery?

Mild Bunion Operation – when the bump or spurs are just removed. Patients can immediately walk in a walking boot and will stay on for two weeks. Patients will transition to sneakers and sandals but heels will not be worn for another four weeks.

What boot do you wear after bunion surgery?

We would recommend wearing leather shoes after bunion surgery. Leather is soft, breathable, flexible, and durable. During the warmer months of the year, leather shoes will prevent your feet from rubbing too. Shoes after bunion surgery need to be soft and you certainly do not want any rubbing across that big toe joint.

Can I take my boot off to sleep after bunion surgery?

You will receive a soft bunion splint that you should use 23 hours a day. If comfortable, you can sleep only with the splint, and without the shoe.

How long after bunion surgery can you put weight on your foot?

On average, people who undergo Lapiplasty can bear weight on their foot in only a few days (instead of several weeks) are out of their surgical boot and back to regular shoes in about six weeks. Faster recovery isn’t the only benefit of Lapiplasty, either.

Do you need a walking boot after a cast?

When the fracture stabilizations, which usually occurs in a matter of weeks, the fiberglass cast is removed and a walking boot may be recommended. Sometimes, a walking boot isn’t even needed after wearing a fiberglass cast.

What to expect after bunion surgery?

Among the things you can expect from bunion surgery recovery are initial pain, discomfort, or soreness, and stiffness in the area. Over time, this discomfort typically lessens, and you should gradually gain improved movement in your big toe.

What are some possible problems after surgery for bunions?

Risks of Having Bunion Surgery Return of Bunion. One of the most common concerns patients have with bunion surgery is if the bunion will come back. Big Toe Joint Stiffness. Anytime surgery is performed on a joint, there is a risk for stiffness and restriction of motions afterward. Infection After Bunion Surgery. Hallux Varus. Bone Healing Problems.

Can a bunion recur after bunion surgery?

Bunions can recur because of medical conditions or non-healing of the bone after surgery. In some cases, there are technical aspects that can be improved to achieve the desired result with additional surgery.

What should I expect from bunion surgery recovery?

First 6 Weeks After Bunion Surgery Elevation. You should keep your foot elevated as much as possible for at least two weeks after bunion surgery. Walking. Walking should be kept to a minimum in the early stages of bunion surgery recovery as foot swelling increases when the foot is down. Regular Ice. Dressings & Wound Care. Medication. Exercises. Driving.

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