Does iPod touch 4th Gen still work?

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Does iPod touch 4th Gen still work?

Please note that all iPod touch 4th Generation and iPod touch 5th Generation models have been discontinued. However, this Q&A has been updated with current iOS support details for both lines and it can be quite helpful for anyone buying or selling one of these models on the used market.

Can iPod 4th generation be updated?

Apple released the seventh major version of its iOS mobile operating system in September 2013 for a variety of its mobile devices, but the fourth-generation iPod is not supported by this new version.

Can iPod touch 4th generation get iOS 10?

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY an iPod 4th generation can be upgraded past iOS 6.1. 6. NONE! The ONLY iPod Touch model that CAN be upgraded to iOS 10 OR 11 is the current 6th gen iPod Touch!

How much can I get for my iPod Touch?

And there are a number of used units being sold on eBay with “buy it now” prices of $50 – $70. So the chances of you getting $125 for your used unit are very slim unless you have a number of accessories you’ll be including with it. Regards. Around $80 – $90 would probably be the most you could hope for, then.

What apps can you get on a iPod touch 4th generation?

The built in apps include Music, Safari, You Tube, iTunes, Mail (email) and many more. There are also great free apps from the App Store like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and ESPN Scorecaster. My personal favorite feature of the iPod touch is the gameplay, or the game apps.

Can you download apps on iPod 4?

3 Answers. Go into itunes on the computer. Then, using which ever Apple ID the iPod is connected to, download the apps you want (on your computer itunes). Then go into your iPod, find the app in the app store and tap on the download button.

Does the fourth generation iPod Touch have a camera?

The fourth-generation iPod Touch was the first iPod to offer front and rear facing cameras . The iPod Touch is slimmer, lighter model than its predecessors and the iPhone 4, and introduces a retina display.

Does the iPod 4th Gen have Bluetooth?

n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only)

  • EDR
  • Maps-location based service 4
  • support built in 5
  • Does iPod fourth generation have FaceTime?

    While newer generations of the iPod touch allow for FaceTime, early versions — the first, second and third generation — of the touch didn’t have a front camera, which is a requirement for FaceTime. If you or your employees have anything but a fourth-generation iPod touch or newer, you won’t be able to setup or use FaceTime on your device.

    Does an iPod Touch have Touch ID?

    There’s no Touch ID , or Face ID, on the iPod touch so a passcode is your only option (or no passcode of course if you don’t mind leaving it so anyone can unlock it). That’s because it has the same design as previous models. Note, though, this continuity of design means it now sports an increasingly rare attribute: a headphone jack.

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