Why is Lucas Piazon at Chelsea?

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Why is Lucas Piazon at Chelsea?

In an interview, he stated, “[I chose Chelsea because] I like the Premier League. I think my way of playing and my skills are more suited to the Premier League.” Piazon made his debut for the reserve team against Fulham, thereafter saying, “I am able to play in the Youth Cup now.

How much did Lucas piazon earn at Chelsea?

780,000 GBP (2013)
Lucas Piazon/Salary

How old is Lucas Piazon?

27 years (January 20, 1994)
Lucas Piazon/Age

Which club is Lucas Piazon?

S.C. Braga#11 / Forward
Lucas Piazon/Current teams

Who is Chelsea’s longest-serving player ever?

Marco van Ginkel While Cesar Azpilicueta now officially inherits the title of being Chelsea’s longest-serving player, Van Ginkel assumes leadership of the Loan Army having originally signed in July 2013.

Is Michael Hector a Chelsea player?

Michael Anthony James Hector (born 19 July 1992) is a professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for EFL Championship club Fulham. Born in England, he represents the Jamaica national team….Michael Hector.

Personal information 2015–2019

Who is the highest paid player in Chelsea 2020?

Who is the highest paid star at Chelsea? Lukaku does indeed lead the way at Chelsea, with a weekly wage of £325,000, or £16.9m a year, according to spotrac.com. That puts him ahead of World Cup winner N’Golo Kante and German forward Timo Werner.

How much is Timo Werner salary?

2021 Active Roster

Player (24) Pos. Annual Salary
Timo Werner F £14,144,000
Saul Niguez M £10,310,000
Ben Chilwell D £9,880,000
Kepa Arrizabalaga GK £8,060,000

Who is Chelsea longest serving manager?

David Calderhead
David Calderhead is Chelsea’s longest-serving manager, holding the position from 1907–33, spanning 966 matches. Chelsea’s shortest reigning permanent manager is Danny Blanchflower, who was in charge for 32 games.

Why is Jamal Blackman still at Chelsea?

On 16 November 2018, Blackman suffered a broken tibia in his leg in a 3–0 defeat in an under-23 match against Birmingham City. Due to the severity of the injury, he returned to Chelsea, leaving Leeds with just one senior goalkeeper in Peacock-Farrell.

Who managed Chelsea before Lampard?

Roberto Di Matteo has served as both interim manager and permanent manager. Chelsea’s first ever manager was Scottish wing-half John Tait Robertson, who continued to play for the club until he resigned a year later.

Where is Michael Hector now?

Fulham F.C.#3 / Defender
Jamaica national football team#3 / Defender
Michael Hector/Current teams

How old was Lucas Piazon when he joined Sao Paulo?

At the age of 14, Piazon left his family behind in Curitiba and joined São Paulo. In May, he began to attract the attention of international scouts when he helped guide São Paulo through the Brazilian qualifiers for the Premier Cup (Nike Cup). It was around this time that he was also called up by Brazil’s U-15s.

What kind of football does Lucas Piazon play?

Lucas Domingues Piazon (born 20 January 1994) is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Portuguese club Rio Ave on loan from Chelsea. Primarily a striker in his early career, he has increasingly been deployed as a left winger, as an attacking midfielder or in the hole behind the striker.

How much did Chelsea pay for Lucas Piazon?

It was reported that Chelsea paid in the region of £ 5 million to acquire Piazon, which could rise to £10 million depending on several clauses. He was transferred to Chelsea during the 2011 summer transfer window and started playing for the reserves. In an interview, he stated, ” [I chose Chelsea because] I like the Premier League.

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