How fast does an Argo Avenger go?

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How fast does an Argo Avenger go?

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Engine Kohler Aegis ELH775
Speed (on land) 25 mph / 40 km per hour
Speed (on water) 3 mph / 5 km per hour
Shipping Weight 1400 lb. /635 kg
Axle Bearing Extensions Standard

How much does an Argo Avenger weigh?

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Engine 4 cycle OHV V-Twin gasoline engine, electronic ignition, full pressure lubrication and oil filter. 3 year engine warranty
Speed (on land) 20 mph / 32 km/hr ( Standard 6.2) 18 mph / 28.9 km/hr (High Torque 8.1)
Speed (on water) 3 mph / 5 km per hour
Shipping Weight 1330 lb. / 603 kg

Can Argos go in salt water?

Minor saltwater contact is fine, but long term exposure will cause corrosion. Never drive your vehicle into the ocean. Argo recommends airing up tires to 1.5-2.5 psi when driving on sand. By keeping the tires at their minimum operating pressure, the sidewalls have maximum flex for gripping terrain.

How fast is a ARGO 6×6?

The Argo Amphibious ATV is equipped with 6×6 or 8×8 wheel drives capable of land speeds up to 22 mph and floating on water with speeds up to 2.5 mph, using the tire treads to propel through the water; some models also may be equipped with an outboard motor.

What is the fastest Argo?

In boat mode, the Argo has a top speed of about 4 mph, which means you need to be mindful of currents and plan your exit before splashing in. On land, the 30-hp V-twin propels the 8×8 to 25 mph, which feels plenty fast for a skid-steer.

What does an Argo cost?

Make Model Price
Argo Frontier 750 8×8 $18,399
Argo Frontier 700 8×8 Scout $20,399
Argo Frontier 700 8×8 Scout $20,399
Argo Aurora 850SX 8×8 $24,999

How fast does an Argo 8×8 go?

How fast can an Argo go in water?

What kind of transmission does Argo Avenger have?

The Avenger EFI 8×8 has been apart of Argo’s line-up since 2007 and has evolved into an affordable fuel injected 30hp model that is built on a similar same heavy-duty chassis as the HDI 750 8×8. The Avenger features the reliable Argo Generation II planetary differential transmission with high/low forward, neutral and reverse.

When did the Argo Avenger 700 8×8 come out?

The Avenger 700 8×8 was the first model in the Avenger line-up with an all new chassis design. The Avenger 700 was in production from 2004 through 2014.

Is the Argo Avenger EFI 8×8 a good car?

The Avenger EFI 8×8 for years has been the standard for many outfitters, rental companies and recreational users who have demanded a proven platform with great power at a fair price.

What kind of tires does an Argo Avenger use?

The 2004 – 2008 model featured Goodyear Rawhide III 25×11.5-9 2 ply tires which were discontinued by Goodyear and in 2009 Argo switched to the Argo / Carlisle 25×12-9 (635 mm) 4 ply #127-182 mud and swim tires to give this machine great traction and best in class payload all while providing a swim speed of 3.5 mph.

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