What happened with Jack Van Impe?

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What happened with Jack Van Impe?

Jack Van Impe died on January 18, 2020 at a hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan at the age of 88, three weeks before his 89th birthday.

Did Jack Van Impe memorize the Bible?

Van Impe’s extensive memorization of Bible passages. He was said to have committed about two-thirds of the Bible to memory.

Where was Rexella Impe born?

Missouri, United States
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When was Rexella Impe born?

November 29, 1932 (age 88 years)
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Rexella Van Impe was born on November 29, 1932 in Missouri, USA as Rexella Shelton. She is an actress and writer, known for Jack Van Impe Presents (1994), The Mark of the Beast (1997) and Revelation (1999). She was previously married to Jack Van Impe.

What did Jack Van Impe passed away from?

January 18, 2020
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Is Chuck Ohman still alive?

Chuck Ohman (1930–2021)

Who is Rexella on Jack Van Impe presents?

Rexella Van Impe is a co-host in Jack Van Impe Presents. The television show features different types of news in a weekly basis. What’s more interesting is that they point out their view as an interpretation of the Bible. She has a successful career when we talk about her contribution in the television industry.

What’s the net worth of Rexella Van Impe?

So, the actress has an outstanding net worth estimated to be around $339,000 as of 2020. Her primary source of income includes her career as a professional actress and the television show that she appears as a co-host. Rexella Van Impe Talks About Her Husband Jack Van Impe’s Health Problems & Surgery In 2015, Jack Van Impe had his heart surgery.

What was the real name of Jack Van Impe?

Wiki Facts Real Name Jack Leo Van Impe Funeral Update Soon Married/ Wife Rexella Van Impe Children N/A Net Worth $2.5 million

How did Jack Van Impe break his hip?

Rexella Van Impe explained the tough situation to their fans on their television show. Also, Jack suffered from another injury in 2017, where he was absent for a long time. His wife announced that he had broken his hip, and he would be off the screen for quite some time, according to the doctor’s advice.

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