Is there a used Cadillac Escalade for sale?

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Is there a used Cadillac Escalade for sale?

This Mercedes is capable and luxurious, but it lacks the cargo capacity of the Escalade ESV — though you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Autotrader has 3,826 Used Cadillac Escalade cars for sale, including a 2021 Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury Platinum, a 2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport, and a 2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport Platinum.

What kind of air suspension does Cadillac Escalade have?

The Escalade Platinum Luxury and Escalade Platinum Sport are the only two models that come standard with Magnetic Ride Control and Air Suspension. Both of those highly desirable systems are optional on the Escalade Sport, which is distinguished by a different type of interior leather and a black mesh grille.

How much does a Cadillac Escalade Platinum weigh?

When properly equipped, the Cadillac Escalade Platinum is able to tow up to 8,300 lbs. 2 Three rows of leather seating feature second-row captain’s chairs and a split-folding third row ready to stow away when you need the room for gear instead of people.

What kind of parking assist does Cadillac Escalade have?

A: 2018 and newer Cadillac Escalade Platinum models feature Automatic Parking Assist, which can detect if your large SUV will fit in the space and then does the steering for you to save time and bumpers while maneuvering. The Cadillac Escalade has been catering to the more discriminating SUV driver since 1999.

Is the front bumper of a Cadillac Escalade replaced?

Just push the button, drive and enjoy. What you can not see in the photos is that this Cadillac was previously involved in an accident. The front bumper assembly, grille, hood, both fenders, right headlight, radiator support, cooling components, drivers wheel airbag and both curtain side airbags were replaced.

What kind of night vision does Cadillac Escalade have?

The Escalade Luxury, the Platinum Luxury and the Platinum Sport trims are available with a power second-row bench seat, and the latter two can be ordered with Night Vision, which provides drivers with an infrared image of the area beyond the range of the Escalade’s headlights. Pedestrians and large animals show up clearly with Night Vision.

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