What is the vision of Pune Municipal Corporation?

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What is the vision of Pune Municipal Corporation?

The Pune Municipal Corporation strives to consistently provide citizen centric information, services and platforms to enhance the city’s performance and quality of life. Our vision is to be a reflection of Pune’s rich, youthful, vivacious and mindful citizenry. My heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to all.

Is there danger to old structures in Pune?

During rainy season, there is possibility of imminent danger to old structures in Pune Municipal Corporation area. Also there is possibility of life threatening to citizens staying in such structures. To avoid such dangerous situation all vigilant owner / developers / concerned residences are needed to inspect such old structures.

How big is the Venna lake in Satara?

Venna lake with an area of 28 Acres and average deep of the 10 ft. constructed by Ch.Appasaheb Maharj, Raja of Satara in 1842 and fed by perennial springs not only adds to the beauty of the hill-top but both directly and indirectly adds inwatering a line of small gardens that stretch to a considerable distance below.

Where is the administrative headquarters of Pune district?

Situated 560 metres (1,837 feet) above sea level on the Deccan plateau on the right bank of the Mutha river, Pune is also the administrative headquarters of its namesake district.

Which is the largest municipal corporation in India?

The total area of the PMC would be around 485 sq km making it the municipal corporation with the largest area in the state. To serve citizens better, PMC has taken initiative for e-Governance.

Who are the members of the Standing Committee of PMC?

The Standing Committee is the perhaps the most important committee of the PMC formed according to Section 20 of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, 1949. It consists of 16 members headed by a President appointed at the first meeting of the newly elected Corporation, half of whom retire every succeeding year.

Which is the name of the merged villages in Pune?

The merged villages include: Uruli Devachi, Phursungi, Bavdhan Budruk, Lohegaon (remaining), Hadapsar (Sadesatra Nali), Mundhwa (Keshavnagar area), Shivane (remaining), Dhayari (remaining), Undri, Ambegaon Khurda and Ambegaon Budruk. This merger was preceded by the merger of 23 villages in 1997.

What kind of Technology is used in Pune?

With the ever growing IT sector and modernization in Pune, it becomes essential that Pune as a Smart City should use the power of omnipresent communication networks, highly distributed wireless technology, and intelligent management systems to solve current and future challenges and create exciting new services.

What makes ERD Technologies a quality control company?

The Company is having a state of art facility to manufacture products under strict quality control standards. Every manufacturing process is well institutionalized and equipped with highly precise testing instruments to control the production and product quality.

When was Urban Community Development Department formed in Pune Municipal Corporation?

Then in 1987 this Urban Community division merged In Pune Municipal Corporation & it was formed as new department. Urban Community Development Department started working for urban poor & needy citizens & department implemented central & state government SUP scheme. Read More

What are the duties of a municipal corporator?

The corporators elect the Mayor, a ceremonial position with limited duties who acts as an ambassador and representative of the city, as well as a Deputy Mayor. The corporators approve the city budget and act as watchdogs on implementation of policy by the staff under the Municipal Commissioner.

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