How do you cover a two story window?

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How do you cover a two story window?

1. Double-height curtains. The most dramatic and formal window treatment option for your two-story windows is double height drapery; panels that hang from the ceiling, or just below, and cover both sets of window bays with a single panel.

Can you have two different window treatments in the same room?

You Can Use Different Treatments In Separate Rooms – But Keep Curb Appeal In Mind. While there aren’t official rules on how to use window treatments room-to-room, many designers will use the same window treatment throughout the home, except for rooms that are unique.

How do you style a double window?

How to Decorate Double Windows

  1. Curtains. Select curtains and pair them with a simple or elaborate curtain rod.
  2. Blinds. Blinds can stand alone for a minimalist look or pair with curtains for window embellishment.
  3. Window Film. Apply window film to double windows to create a custom look.
  4. Additional Trim and Decorations.

Should all the blinds in your house match?

No, not necessarily. We have some bold colours or patterned blinds to make a statement in the room. Often these blinds can have a white backing, so from outside of the window it looks uniform, but inside you have created a specialised custom blind look.

Should you put curtains with shutters?

Shutters look fabulous on their own, but pairing with curtains offers double the benefits. Shutters help to insulate, soundproof and control light levels. Adding curtains to the mix further improves insulation and with thick lining they can provide a blackout effect.

How do you hang a shade in a double window?

How to measure for installing two separate blinds in one window Menu

  1. Measure the window in three places (top, middle, bottom), as shown in our measuring instructions.
  2. For two (2) separate blinds in one window, take the smallest width and divide it by 2.
  3. For three (3) blinds in one window, repeat the same steps.

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