How do you get infinite weapons in re6?

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How do you get infinite weapons in re6?

Complete All Story Missions First. The Infinite Ammo Skills will only be available for purchase once you’ve completed all 4 Scenarios at least once. You don’t need to do them in any particular order.

Can you get unlimited ammo Resident Evil 6?

For those who wish to revisit the sequel with infinite ammo, the first step is to complete all four of the campaigns. Once that’s done, go to Skill Settings where its possible to purchase infinite ammo by weapon types, such as Infinite Handgun or Infinite Assault Rifle. Infinite Handgun – 79,000 skill points.

What is the best gun in Resident Evil 6?

500 S&W Magnum, which is the world’s most powerful handgun. This badass Magnum weapon’s name is enough to give an idea of its capabilities. The Lightning Hawk is a powerful Magnum weapon that is found in both Leon’s and Chris’s campaigns. Ada Wong brings back the Crossbow in Resident Evil 6.

How do I get unlimited ammo in re6?

You can only activate the infinite ammo package in the starting of a scenario or a chapter but cannot change the mood in the middle of the scenario. You will unlock it after completing all four campaigns. It costs 79,000 skill points. You will unlock it after completing all four campaigns.

Can you upgrade guns in re6?

So basically, no you cannot upgrade weapons.

What happened to piers in Resident Evil 6?

Piers, to Chris. Piers Nivans (c. 1987-1 July 2013) was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), a UN-controlled military devoted to combating bioterrorism. Nivans was killed in July 2013 when an underwater research complex self-destructed.

Can you turn off infinite ammo RE8?

With this weapon you can blaze through the highest difficulty without much trouble. You can also enable or disable infinite ammo at any time from the Main Menu > Options > Game Settings.

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