Is etch primer OK for plastic?

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Is etch primer OK for plastic?

I would not use an self etching primer on plastic as it will sink. (it does on car bumpers anyway). Try and get a plastic primer (available in any autoparts store here). Give a VERY light dusting of this (A standard aerosol can can do 4 or 5 car bumpers easy) and let dry.

Does etch primer need to be sealed?

As a rule of thumb Self Etching Primers need another coat of primer over them to fully seal everything up long term. Urethane primer can be top coated with most coatings so you will immediately eliminate any worries of adhesion issues with your top coat.

Can you paint straight over etch primer?

You can’t paint directly over etch primer. You need a surfacer or other primer/sealer over it.

What is the difference between primer and etch primer?

Regular primers are used on organic materials, while self-etching surfaces are used on metallic surfaces where rust needs to be prevented, and strong adhesion between the surface and the paint is paramount.

What is self etching primer used for?

Rust-Oleum® Self Etching Primer is designed to prepare bare metal, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces to promote maximum adhesion and smoothness of the topcoat finish. Self Etching Primer is a rust preventive coating that etches and primes in one coat.

Do plastic bumpers need primer?

If it has primer on it do not use plastic adhesion promotor. Plastic adhesion promotor is for bare untreated plastic only not to be used over primed urethane bumper covers. If the plastic is bare then scotchbrite with sanding paste wash with soap & water.

Can you put high primer over etch primer?

High build primer over etch primer [Archive] – Detailing World. Is it ok to spray upol high build primer over upol acid etch primer ? yes that’s the way your supposed to do it, the etch bites into the bare metal and the high build takes a key to the etch.

What is the difference between self-etching primer and filler primer?

Self-Etching Primer Because it cures quickly, it’s the method of choice for collision shops. But a key difference with etch primer is that you need to apply your filler or bondo first directly to the metal before spraying it.

Can etch primer be used over body filler?

You should not put etch over or under filler either. If you are applying it before prime and you get a little overspray on your filler work while trying to hit your metal it will be fine. Dont make a point to spray it over filler though. Etch is for adhesion to metal, nothing more nothing less.

What is the difference between self-etching primer and epoxy primer?

Self etching primer bonds well to bare metal surfaces and can be top coated in a short period of time. Epoxy primer can be applied in heavy coats which can be guide coated and block sanded to remove small imperfections in the body. Epoxy primer takes longer to dry (cure) before it can be sanded or top coated.

What primer Do you use on plastic bumpers?

Water-based primers are a good choice. Some bumper recyclers, however, are just using lacquer primer over-thinned with cheap lacquer thinner to make the part look black.

Can I paint a bumper without primer?

And considering what percentage of minor damage happens to bumpers, and the fact that most bumpers today are plastic, you can skip the primer step without much worry at all. For larger repairs, you may need to order your paint with a flex agent mixed in.

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