Does a J24 have a toilet?

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Does a J24 have a toilet?

The cabin is snug and doesn’t offer standing head room, but there’s a V-berth, two quarterberths, a portable toilet, portable ice chest, sink with small counter and a few equipment lockers—just enough for a weekend cruise.

How much does a J24 cost?

Buying a New Boat. If you decide you want to buy a new J/24 rather than investigating the used market, here’s an idea of how much it will cost. First, you’ll need the boat. A standard J/24 FOB the Tillotson Pearson factory in Warren will cost $25,320.

Can you single hand a J24?

For any single handed and youth sailors thinking of getting into some J24 sailing, I’d go for it. There are a lot of great crews out there and their range of experience can really add to your sailing, giving you a lot to take back to your main class.

How fast is a J24 sailboat?

J/24s love a breeze upwind or down. The J can carry a full main comfortably up to 20 knots true wind speed. The keel is a fairly high-aspect-ratio keel and the rudder is outboard with no balance at all….Boat Specifications.

LOA 24′
LWL 20′
Beam 8.92′
Draft 4′
Displacement 2700 lbs.

How fast is a j24 sailboat?

How long is a j24?

24.0 ft

LOA 7.32 m (24.0 ft)
LWL 6.10 m (20.0 ft)
Beam 2.71 m (8 ft 11 in)
Hull appendages

What are the advantages of the J-Boats J / 24?

The J/24 has the distinct advantage of having been produced in great numbers and been subjected to the rigors of hard racing. It’s safe to say that nearly everything that could have broken, has broken, and that the J/24 is now almost bulletproof. J-Boats has done a commendable job in correcting nearly all of the “bugs” in the J/24.

How big is the rudder on a J / 24?

The J/24’s rudder is heavy and strong. The builder claims you can hang a 900 pound keel from the rudder tip without breaking it. Although the J/24’s rudder pintles appear more than adequate]

What kind of engine does A J / 24 have?

The J/24 is powered by an outboard engine; an inboard is not feasible or available. Class rules require that an outboard with a minimum of 3.5 hp be carried while racing. Most owners opt for a 3.5-4 hp outboard. It provides adequate power and is as much weight as you want to be hefting over a transom.

Who are the sailmakers in the J / 24 class?

Sailmakers comprise many of the big names in racing; by getting them in the regatta results, the Johnstones added instant credibility to the J/24’s budding status as a “hot” class. By the midwinter championship in 1979, almost every boat in the top 15 finishers had a sailmaker on board.

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