How can I get MyOSN smart card number?

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How can I get MyOSN smart card number?

If you’re looking for your OSN smart card number, you can find it on the card in your set-top-box (decoder). Be careful when removing the card to re-insert back in the same way, with the chip up or down depending on your box type, see below.

How do I activate MyOSN card?

To send an activation signal to your OSN smartcard, download the MyOSN app or visit the MyOSN website and follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your account or click Register to sign up for the service.
  2. Select Support.
  3. Select the correct error code appearing on the screen.
  4. Select Smartcard Number.
  5. Select Send Signal.

What is smartcard number?

You can get your DStv smartcard number by simply pressing the OK button on your DStv remote, then selecting the Information Central Option using the OK Button. Your Smart Card number is the 10 digit number on the far right on the Smartcard row. You will also find your IUC/SC number underneath your DStv decoder.

How do I cancel MyOSN subscription in UAE?

How do I cancel my OSN STREAMING subscription?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Manage Subscription.
  3. Click on the Cancel Subscription link.
  4. Fill out the cancellation survey (if applicable) and confirm your cancellation request.

How can I know my smart card number?

Your Smart Card number is the 10 digit number on the far right on the Smartcard row. Always ensure the smartcard is inserted and that the Decoder is on at the time of making payment.

How can I know MyOSN ID?

Your OSN ID can be found under the “Account” section in the MyOSN app or through our website portal. If you have forgotten your ID or password, please visit or reset them through the MyOSN app or online, simply click forgot OSN ID/password.

How much does OSN cost?

It starts at 35 aed/month and goes up from there if you want everything the normal OSN offer as well as its streaming service. If you sign up for an annual subscription you get it for $89.99/yr. or 330 aed/year, that’s a saving of 90 aed per year.

How do I get OSN?

How do I download OSN STREAMING on Android TVs from the Google Play Store?

  1. Open Google Play Store on your TV.
  2. Search for the OSN STREAMING App.
  3. Download.
  4. Sign in and start watching.

What is student smart card?

The School Smartcard and Non-MOE School Smartcard are stored value travel cards that enable cardholders to enjoy concessionary fares and purchase Monthly Concession Passes for unlimited travel on train and/or bus services.

How do I subscribe to OSN?

Send ‘OSNW’ to 3232 for a weekly subscription. You can download the app from: App Store or Google Play. You can also find the app on Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV and Android TV. If you previously had an OSN Streaming subscription, all you need to do is log in on your preferred device after completing the subscription.

What is a smartcard?

A smartcard is a credit card sized card that stores rail tickets on a microchip and is used to tap in and out of stations. They are available online from train operators websites and at stations. Smartcards are durable and reliable for regular use over many years.

How much is DStv smart card?

DStv Care on Twitter: “@mafediselepe The replacement smartcard will cost R120. 00. Visit the nearest service centre/agency to get the new smartcard.

How can I pay my OSN bill online?

You can also pay online through the myOSN APP or myOSN website. In case we couldn’t collect from your registered card, we will send you a Secure Payment Link to make payment and if needed update your card details. Select the K-net option that will appear on the OSN payment page when you are about to make a payment.

Is there an app to manage my OSN?

Discover a quick and easy way to manage your OSN account with the MyOSN app. Log in using your OSN ID and password and enjoy a hassle-free way to manage your account. This opens in a new window. This opens in a new window. Need help with your MyOSN login?

What can I do with my OSN If I don’t have an account?

Carry Your OSN In Your Pocket And Manage Your Account Wherever You Are! Don’t have account? You can still pay here to renew your subscription, re-activate it or upgrade any feature without logging in – but you’ll miss out on all the fun!

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