Where is the Samadhi of Muktabai?

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Where is the Samadhi of Muktabai?

Saint Muktabai temple is region’s ancient temple with Goddess Muktabai being honoured at deity of region. There are two temples of this deity namely Mehun temple and new Muktabai Temple located in MuktaiNagar city. Muktai or Muktabai was a very popular saint of the Varkari tradition.

Was the sister of Sant Dnyaneshwar?


Who was the brother of Nivruttinath and Sopandev?

Siblings. Nivruttinath: The eldest brother of Sopan, Nivrutti was an authority on the philosophy of the Nath. Gahininath, one of the nine Nath gurus, accepted Nivrutti as his disciple and initiated him into the Nath sect, instructing him to propagate devotion to Shri Krishna.

What is the full name of Sant Dnyaneshwar?


Dnyandeo Vitthalpant Kulkarni
Title Sant Dyaneshwar
Born Dnyaneshwar Janmashtami, 1275 CE Apegaon, Yadava dynasty (present-day Paithan Taluka, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India)
Religion Hinduism

What was Sant Dnyaneshwar also called?

Sant Dnyaneshwar (Marathi pronunciation: [d̪ɲaːn̪eʃʋəɾ]), also referred to as Jnaneshwar, Jnanadeva, Dnyandev or Mauli or Dnyaneshwar Vitthal Kulkarni (1275–1296) was a 13th-century Indian Marathi saint, poet, philosopher and yogi of the Nath Vaishnava tradition.

Who is the father of Sant Dnyaneshwar?

Vitthala Pant

Who was dnyaneshwar guru?

Guru Nivruttinath

Dnyandeo Vitthalpant Kulkarni
Guru Nivruttinath (elder brother)
Literary works Dnyaneshwari, Amrutanubhav, Changdev Paasashti, Haripath, abhang devotional poetry
Honors Sant (Saint), Dev (God) and Māulī (Mother)

Who was guru of Nivruttinath?

Nivruttinath (c. 11 February 1273 – 24 June 1297) was a 13th-century Marathi Bhakti saint, poet, philosopher and yogi of the Vaishnava Nath tradition….

Philosophy Adwaita, Varkari, Hinduism
Religious career
Guru Gahaninath (NathPhilosophy)

Why did Sant Dnyaneshwar lock himself in his hut?

Reason why Sant Dnyaneshwar locked himself in his hut: The people of the villages treated him very bad and also abused him. Nobody there had concerned and treated him like a Saint. These incidents hurt him deeply and he was feeling so bad for this that he locked himself in his hut and tried to forget that incident.

What were Sant Namdev’s teachings?

The literary works of Namdev were influenced by Vaishnava philosophy and a belief in Vithoba. Along with the Jñānēśvarī, a sacred work of Jñānēśvar, and of Bhakti movement teacher-writers such as Tukaram, the writings of Namdev form the basis of the beliefs held by the Varkari sect of Hinduism.

What message did dnyaneshwar spread?

Ans. i) Sant Tukaram preached to the people about the virtues of pity, forgiveness and peace of mind. ii) He also gave them the message of equality. iii) He impressed the truth on the minds of the people that, ‘He alone is a saint, and God dwells with him who calls the weak and the downtrodden as his own’.

When was dnyaneshwar died?

Dnyaneshwar/Date of death

His legacy inspired saint-poets such as Eknath and Tukaram, and he is one of the founders of the Varkari (Vithoba-Krishna) Bhakti movement tradition of Hinduism in Maharashtra. Saint Dnyaneshwar disappeared in 1296.

Who is Muktabai and what did she do?

Muktabai is believed to be the spiritual guide of Changdev Maharaj. Now also she is regarded as one of the role model women poets of Maharashtra. In her short life span of 18 years, she has enriched Marathi poetry a lot. Her Abhanga poetries are truly classics!

Who are the parents of Muktabai of Maharashtra?

Her parents, Vitthal Govind Kulkarni and Rukmini, a pious couple from Apegaon near Paithan on the banks of the river Godavari named her Mukta, meaning liberation.

What was the caste system of Mukta Salve?

Muktabai belonged to the Mang or Matang community, which was considered to be one of the lowest and ritually impure communities within the caste system. She had no access to education until 1852, when Jyotirao Phule and Savitribai Phule started their third girls’ school at Vetal Peth in Pune.

Who was the spiritual guide of Muktabai Vateshwar?

Another legend, tells us about Muktabai being the spiritual guide of Changdev Vateshwar, a yogi living on the bank of the river Tapi. Once Muktabai and her brothers were sitting in the Ashram when Changdev happened to pass by. Muktabai was, of course fully clad, but she appeared to Changdev as unclad so he at once turned away.

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