What is the use of BC107 transistor?

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What is the use of BC107 transistor?

The BC107 is a low signal NPN which is known for its low noise operations making it famously used in signal processing circuits and television receivers. The transistor is still available in market due to its legacy but you will find better modern transistors as replacement for BC107.

What is BC transistor?

A transistor is basically an electrically controlled switch. The BC547 is a NPN transistor meaning when power is applied to the base (control pin) it will flow from the collector to the emitter.

What is the meaning of first letter indicates in the transistor code number BC107?

Explanation:B stands for Silicon and C means low frequency audio transistor. So BC107 is a low power audio frequency transistor that is made of Silicon.

What does C indicate in transistor BC547?

BC547 Transistor Pin Configuration The BC547 transistor includes three pins which include the following. Pin1 (Collector): This pin is denoted with symbol ‘C’ and the flow of current will be through the collector terminal. Pin2 (Base): This pin controls the transistor biasing.

What is BC107B?

The BC107B from Multicomp Pro is a low power bipolar transistor in TO-18 metal can package. This NPN silicon planar epitaxial transistor is used for general purpose switching and amplification. Collector emitter voltage (Vce) is 45V at IC = 2mA, IB = 0. DC collector current is 100mA.

What is B and C in BC 107?

Responses. shai. The First letter indicates the construction-material. B for Silicon and C for germanium.

Where is BC547 used?

BC547 is usually used for current amplifier, quick switching and pulse-width modulation (PWM). Therefore, if you need to control the speed of a motor or actuator in some of your projects, you can simply use this transistor to achieve it.

What is BD139 transistor?

BD139 is a Bipolar NPN transistor, it is mounted in the SOT-32 plastic package. It is designed for audio amplifier and driver utilizing complementary circuits. BD139 has a gain value of 40 to 160, which determine the amplification capacity of a transistor.

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