What proteins are found in the mitochondrial matrix?

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What proteins are found in the mitochondrial matrix?

Protein synthesis The mitochondrial DNA only codes for about thirteen proteins that are used in processing mitochondrial transcripts, ribosomal proteins, ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA, and protein subunits found in the protein complexes of the electron transport chain.

Which protein is present in mitochondria?

Protein ORF Null phenotype
Tim9 YEL020W-A Inviable
Tim10 YHR005C-A Inviable
Tim12 YBR091C Inviable
Tim13 YGR181W Viable, various defects

What proteins are found in the inner mitochondrial membrane?

The inner mitochondrial membrane contains many copies of a protein called the F0F1ATPase. This is also called ATP synthase. It consists of two parts: the F0 component spans the membrane and provides a channel for protons to move into the matrix from the intermembrane space.

What is mitochondria Matrix?

Definition. The matrix of a mitochondrion is the mitochondrion internal spaces enclosed by the inner membrane. Several of the steps in cellular respiration occur in the matrix due to its high concentration of enzymes.

How do mitochondria use proteins?

Mitochondria use proteins to break down sugars and produce cellular energy in the form of ATP. These proteins are then transported into the outer membrane, the inner membrane, the intermembrane space, or the matrix of the mitochondria.

What is the inner mitochondrial membrane called?

The inner membrane forms invaginations, called cristae, that extend deeply into the matrix. The cristae define the third mitochondrial compartment, the crista lumen. The crista membranes contain most, if not all, of the fully assembled complexes of the electron transport chain and the ATP synthase (Fig. 2).

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