Who won the most ICC Champions Trophy?

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Who won the most ICC Champions Trophy?

Pakistan national cricket team
ICC Champions Trophy/Current champions

How many ICC trophies India won?

They are also one of the only four teams to win all major ICC tournaments. India have also won the ICC Test Championship 5 times making them the second team to win most ICC Test Mace after Australia. They have also won the ICC ODI Championship, ICC T20I Championship.

How many times Australia have won Champions Trophy?

ICC Men’s Champions Trophy
Administrator International Cricket Council
Most successful India (2 titles) Australia (2 titles)
Most runs Chris Gayle (791)
Most wickets Kyle Mills (28)

Who will host ICC Champions Trophy 2025?

“The Champions Trophy is a short tournament but is an immensely popular one. It was only fair that after the 2023 World Cup in India, we bid for the 2025 Champions Trophy. India should be in a position to host a global event every two to three years and hence we are bidding for three events,” the BCCI official said.

When was the ICC Champions Trophy last held?

The event was renamed the ICC Champions Trophy in 2002 was held every two years until 2009 (when it was held in South Africa after the scheduled event in 2008 in Pakistan had to be cancelled). Subsequently the event moved to a four year cycle and features the top eight teams in the ICC one-day rankings.

When was the last time Pakistan won the Champions Trophy?

2017 ICC Champions Trophy. Won by Pakistan. In the lead-up to the 2013 tournament, the ICC announced that the 2013 Champions Trophy was to be the last, with its place in the cricketing calendar to be taken by a new ICC World Test Championship.

How is the Champions Trophy different from the World Cup?

The matches in the Champions Trophy are held over a period of around two and a half weeks, while the World Cup can last for over a month. The number of teams in the Champions Trophy are less than the World Cup, with the latest edition of the World Cup having 10 teams whereas the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy had 8 teams.

When was the last time the Champions Trophy was cancelled?

The tournament was cancelled post the 2013 edition, only to be resurrected following the success of that edition. But after the next edition (2017), Champions Trophy was cancelled again in 2018 and the ICC decided to replace the tournament with World Twenty20 championship to be held every two years.

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