What is there to do in downtown Gatlinburg?

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What is there to do in downtown Gatlinburg?


  • Gatlinburg Pinball Museum.
  • The Gatlinburg Space Needle.
  • IRIS Theater.
  • The Captured.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.
  • Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini-Golf.
  • Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze & Ripley’s Candy Factory.
  • Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.

What should you avoid in Gatlinburg?

While there are a lot of things to do, Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals has some tips of things you shouldn’t do while on vacation.

  • Do Not Eat Out Every Night.
  • Do Not go Taste Moonshine on an Empty Stomach.
  • Do Not Wear 5 Inch Heels.
  • Do Not Expect Your Cell Phone to Get Great Service.
  • Do Not Leave Trash Outside your Cabin.

What is the main strip in Gatlinburg called?

The vacationers not spending the day exploring the national park can often be found strolling through downtown Gatlinburg. U.S. Highway 441, also called the Parkway, cuts through central downtown Gatlinburg. The walkable street is lined with all the attractions, shops, and food needed for a perfect vacation.

What is there to do in Gatlinburg off the beaten path?

Check out these 7 attractions in the Smoky Mountains off the beaten path:

  • Smoky Mountain Llama Trek.
  • Forbidden Caverns.
  • Tennessee Shine Company Moonshine Tour.
  • Bluff Mountain Adventures.
  • Outdoor Adventure Park.
  • The Mountain Monster Rides.
  • Gatlinburg Pinball Machine Museum.

How much does it cost to walk across the SkyBridge in Gatlinburg?

Costs are $27.95 for ages 12-64, $22.95 for ages 65 and older and $17.95 for ages 4-11. Children ages 3 and younger are free. Value Tickets offer all-day access to the SkyLift Park on Monday through Thursday, except holidays.

What’s better Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

Overall, Gatlinburg is more compact than Pigeon Forge, which creates a more pedestrian friendly area. There are some downsides to being in a smaller valley. Since there’s not much open space or alternative routes, this mountain town tends to get more crowded than Pigeon Forge.

Which is better Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

Are mosquitoes bad in Gatlinburg TN?

neither mosquitos nor ticks are really a problem in the Smokies.

What is the best time to go to Gatlinburg TN?

The best time to visit Gatlinburg is between September and October. The two peak seasons in Gatlinburg are summer (June, July and August) and the month of October, when the fall foliage is at its zenith. July is the busiest month of the summer season, while weekends in October draw the largest crowds in the fall.

Does Gatlinburg have a strip?

Commonly known as The Strip, the heart of the city may only be a few blocks long, but it is absolutely jam-packed with incredible attractions, restaurants, and shops. Over 11 million people come to Gatlinburg each year to experience everything our Smoky Mountain city has to offer.

Where do the locals go to eat in Gatlinburg?

7 Local Restaurants in Gatlinburg

  • Best Italian Cafe and Pizzaria. This casual Italian cafe in the heart of Gatlinburg has earned quite the following over the years.
  • The Pancake Pantry.
  • The Peddler Steakhouse.
  • The Donut Friar.
  • Smoky Mountain Brewery.
  • The Three Jimmy’s.
  • The Mountain Lodge.

Which is more touristy Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge?

depends on what you plan to do on your vacation. Gatlinburg is closer to the National Park so stay there if you plan to spend a lot of time in the park. Pigeon Forge has more activities, stay there if you’re mainly inetersted in tourist attractions, shows, shopping, etc.

Is there an observation deck in downtown Gatlinburg?

Their claim to fame is their 407’ observation deck that provides stunning 360 degree views of the Smokies and downtown Gatlinburg. But, at the base of the Needle (as the locals call it), is an entire day’s worth of fun.

Where to go on the avenue of the Giants?

Mostly flat with gentle curves, it passes secluded forest hamlets, campgrounds, picnic areas, and access points to the Eel River, a federally-designated Wild & Scenic waterway with idyllic swimming, fishing and paddling spots. Numerous trailheads can be found along the Avenue, each leading into the magical redwood forest.

What to see at the top of Gatlinburg?

Stoic fir trees stand firm like soldiers ahead, babbling brooks trickle over glistening rocks below, and Gatlinburg lies behind, its entire splendor captured in one glance. The SkyDeck and SkyBridge at the top have quickly become a crowd favorite.

Where is the avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County?

Garberville is just ten minutes from the Avenue of the Giants and about 45 minutes from Shelter Cove. FERNDALE – 21 miles north of the “Avenue of the Giants” discover Northern California’s best-kept secret—The Victorian Village of Ferndale. A photographer’s paradise and a shopper’s delight.

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