How do you pronounce Cena in Latin?

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How do you pronounce Cena in Latin?


  1. IPA: /ˈt͡ʃ
  2. Audio. (file)
  3. Hyphenation: cé‧na.
  4. Rhymes: -ena.

How do you pronounce la cena?

la cena

  1. lah. seh. – nah.
  2. la. se. – na.
  3. la. ce. – na.

What gender is Cena in Latin?


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Translation Dinner
Noun Forms Cena, Cenae

What is Cena Italian?

noun. dinner [noun] the main meal of the day eaten usually in the evening. dinner [noun] a formal party in the evening, when such a meal is eaten.

What is the meaning of Dominus?

1 : an owner as distinguished from a user. 2 : a principal as distinguished from an agent.

What is breakfast called in Italian?

Breakfast (Colazione) Italian breakfast (prima colazione) consists of caffè latte (hot milk with coffee) or coffee with bread or rolls with butter and jam. A cookie-like rusk hard bread, called fette biscottate, and cookies are commonly eaten.

Do Italians say dinner or supper?

Traditionally in Italy, people have four meals a day: colazione (breakfast), pranzo (lunch), merenda (afternoon snack) and cena (dinner or supper).

How to pronounce words and phrases in Latin?

Search and learn to pronounce words and phrases in this language ( Latin ). Learn to pronounce with our guides. Do you want to pronounce words and phrases in this language (Latin)?

Where does the last name Cena come from?

From Latin cēna, from Proto-Italic *kert (e)snā, from Proto-Indo-European *kert-s-nh₂ (“portion”), from *ker-, *sker-. Compare Spanish cena and Portuguese ceia .

What is the synonym for the word cena?

cena f (plural cenas) scene stage Synonym: palco. em cena ― on stage (Portugal, informal) thing Synonyms: coisa, troço, treco, negócio, bagulho, bagaça, trem, pira, bang

How to learn Latin for the first time?

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