What does the superficial circumflex iliac supply?

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What does the superficial circumflex iliac supply?

The superficial circumflex iliac artery is the smallest cutaneous branch of the common femoral artery. It contributes to the arterial supply of the anterolateral abdominal wall and groin.

Where is the circumflex iliac artery?

greater pelvis
The deep circumflex iliac artery is a branch of the external iliac artery. It is located within the greater pelvis, on the medial aspect of the ala of ilium alongside the iliac crest. The deep circumflex iliac artery gives off several perforating muscular, osseous and cutaneous branches.

What does the iliac artery turn into?

In the abdomen, the aorta splits into the right and left common iliac arteries. At the pelvic brim, each common iliac artery splits into the internal and external iliac arteries. Each external iliac artery courses downward and laterally, turning into the femoral artery, which supplies each leg.

What is the iliac function?

The internal iliac artery supplies the pelvis, pelvic organs, reproductive organs, and the medial part of the thigh. The external iliac artery is the largest branch of the common iliac artery, and it forms the main blood supply to the lower extremity.

Where is the superficial circumflex iliac vein?

The superficial iliac circumflex artery (or superficial circumflex iliac), the smallest of the cutaneous branches of the femoral artery, arises close to the superficial epigastric artery, and, piercing the fascia lata, runs lateralward, parallel with the inguinal ligament, as far as the crest of the ilium.

What are the symptoms of an iliac aneurysm?

An iliac aneurysm is bulging and weakness in the wall of the iliac artery, a group of arteries located in the pelvis. Iliac aneurysms can burst, which can cause life-threatening, uncontrolled bleeding….Symptoms may include:

  • Back pain.
  • Lower abdominal pain.
  • Groin pain.

When should a common iliac artery aneurysm be repaired?

Repair of aneurysms exceeding 3.0 cm to 3.5 cm in diameter is recommended to prevent the risk of rupture. Rupture of common iliac artery aneurysms is associated with a risk of mortality approaching 70% (1–3).

Where is the circumflex vein located?

below the inguinal ligament. It ascends in front of the tibial malleolus and along the medial side of the leg in relation with the saphenous nerve. It runs upward behind the medial condyles of the tibia and femur and along the medial side of the thigh and, passing through the fossa ovalis, ends in the femoral vein.

What areas of the body do the internal and external iliac drain?

The external iliac vein drains the lower limb, and the internal iliac vein drains the gluteal region and pelvic viscera.

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