Is LLumar a good tint brand?

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Is LLumar a good tint brand?

The brand provides a diverse range of high-quality films. All Llumar tints block 99% of UV rays and reduce the fading of the car’s interior surfaces. It blends flawlessly with your car’s finish and it is highly customizable. Llumar tint offers shattered glass protection, in case the windows break.

What type of tint is LLumar?

nano-ceramic tint
LLumar AIR Series automotive film can keep you safer on the road every day, just like your brake pads and air bags. This film is a barely visible, micro-thin layer of nano-ceramic tint technology – but without the window-darkening tint.

Where is LLumar made?

the U.S.A.
With more than 55 years of experience in film production and technology, Eastman is dedicated to making continuous investments in machinery, technology, and employee training to remain at the forefront of the industry. Our LLumar window films are proudly made in the U.S.A. with globally sourced materials.

Does ceramic tint look different?

Unlike dye-based window films that often fade and discolor over time, ceramic tint will never change colors or fade even after years of exposure to direct sunlight. But carbon tints do tend to be quite dark in appearance, adding more shading than many people prefer.

Does llumar tint fade?

This film offers excellent fade protection by blocking 99% of the suns damaging UV rays, 50% of the light and about 45% of the heat. No film can 100% stop fading but we can realistically on average offer about 60%-70% fade protection.

Who owns LLumar tint?

Eastman Chemical Company
LLumar window film is manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company, a global specialty chemicals company founded by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak in 1920.

Who is LLumar?

Eastman Chemical Company is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance films for automotive and architectural applications, and is sold under the LLumar® window film brand as well as under the FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint® by LLumar®, Vista™, Huper Optik & Design®, EnerLogic®, IQue®, V- …

Who is the distributor of Llumar in Malaysia?

Tint Auto (M) Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor in Malaysia for LLumar, the world’s leading solar and security film, offering a complete line of automotive window tint and architectural window films for home and commercial applications. We are dedicated to providing quality tinting solutions for your automobiles, homes and offices.

Do you have to use Llumar security tint?

Llumar security tint is known for it’s quality, and so upon receiving my new ride, the next step was to tint it with Llumar. Being in Malaysia, a country where the sun heats everything like crazy, tinting a car is a must.

Which is Llumar dealerships offer the best service?

LLumar’s dealer network is committed to the highest standards of quality and service. They are professionally trained in the latest tools and techniques to deliver an outstanding installation experience. Find a Dealer Near You Today!

Who are the Llumar selectpro window protection dealers?

The LLumar SelectPro dealer network delivers an outstanding window film and paint protection film buying experience from film selection through professional installation for customers who demand only the finest for their vehicles, homes and commercial properties.

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