Where is Prosenjit Chatterjee now?

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Where is Prosenjit Chatterjee now?

Prosenjit lives in Kolkata with his wife, actress Arpita Pal and their son Trishanjit.

Who is Prosenjit Chatterjee father?

Biswajit Chatterjee
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How old is Prosenjit Chatterjee?

58 years (September 30, 1962)
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Is Prosenjit Chatterjee a good actor?

The star is one of the most awarded artists, with numerous honours in the best actor category. He is also one of the very few Bengali actors who has successfully stepped into several genres ranging from action, comedy, romance and drama.

Who is prosenjit wife?

Arpita Chatterjeem. 2002
Aparna Guhathakurtam. 1997–2002Debashree Roym. 1992–1995
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Who is prosenjit sister?

Shambhavi Chatterjee
Pallavi Chatterjee
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Which is the last movie of Prosenjit Chatterjee?

Prosenjit Chatterjee is an Indian film Actor, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. Prosenjit has worked in popular movies like Gumnaami, 3 Dev. Prosenjit’s previous film to hit the theatres was Gumnaami in the year 2019. Directed by Dibakar Baner..

How tall is Prosenjit Chatterjee height and weight?

Full name: Prosenjit Chatterjee. Birth date: September 30, 1962. Birthplace: Kolkata, India. Education: St. Xavier’s College. Occupation: Film Actor, Producer. Years active: 1968-present. Net Worth:$26 Million. Spouse (s): Debashree Roy, Aparna Guhathakurta, Arpita Pal.

Who is the wife of cricketer Prosenjit Chatterjee?

Prosenjit lives in Kolkata with his wife, actress Arpita Pal and their son Trishanjit. He has had two previous marriages with Debashree Roy and Aparna Guhathakurta. Prosenjit and Aparna have a daughter together, Prerona Chatterjee. In 2015, Prosenjit bought a Cricket Team in Bengal Celebrity League named Purulia Panthers.

Where did Prosenjit Chatterjee go to high school?

Prosenjit studied at Calcutta Airport English High School. He also admitted into St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. Then the actor enrolled at St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta.

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