What lakes in the wind Rivers have golden trout?

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What lakes in the wind Rivers have golden trout?

There’s gold in the Wind River Mountains The golden trout populations in Leg, Thumb, Windy, Upper Saddlebags, Lower Saddlebags, Lower Tayo, and Coon lakes are all doing exceptionally well.

Where can I find golden trout in the wind Rivers?

Most of our golden trout waters are in the Wind River mountains (Lander and Pinedale regions), with others in the Absaroka, Snowy, and Bighorn mountains (Laramie, Cody, and Sheridan regions).

Where can I fish in Dubois Wyoming?

Torrey Lake, Trail Lake, and Ring Lake are easily accessible, and there are plenty of other options as well if you are willing to snowmobile to them. Some other popular ice fishing destinations in the area include Half Moon, Boulder, and Fremont lakes. Expect to find a wide range of trout coming up from below the ice.

How big is the Wind River Reservation?

2.2 million acres
Wind River Reservation Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres, this reservation is home to the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho tribes.

What river flows through Dubois WY?

Today, the town of Dubois is a quaint little community located along the Wind River, rimmed to the south by the Wind River mountains and to the north by the Absarokas. It’s an area of striking contrasts from the badlands east of town, to the high peaks south, north and west.

Who lives on Wind River Reservation?

The Shoshone and Arapaho currently share the Wind River Reservation, the third largest in the U.S., with more than 2.2 million acres in Wyoming’s Wind River Valley. Life on the Reservation: Eastern Shoshone culture on the Reservation is centered around the town of Fort Washakie.

Can I visit Wind River Reservation?

Native American Living Culture The Wind River Indian Reservation is open totravel and visitors, and there are numerous historic and cultural sites to visit and events to attend.

Where to fish in the Wind River Mountains?

They thrive in the high elevation backcountry lakes of the Wind River Mountains, which is one of the premier places for fishing golden trout in the United States, Johnson said. A visiting fisher-woman, showing off her golden trout, before releasing it back into the lake.

What to do in Wind River Country Wyoming?

Fishing Wind River Country. Wind River Country sports some of the best fishing in 43,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs and nearly 2,000 miles of streams fed by mountain snow melt. Try a day trip fishing or go for the elusive golden trout on an epic backcountry trip. Fishing Licenses. Non-Resident Annual- $102; Non-Resident Daily – $14

When to go ice fishing in Wind River?

It varies each year, but usually the water begins to freeze in December and doesn’t start to thaw until the end of March. Ocean Lake is also a popular ice fishing destination in Wind River Country. This lake, on a Wildlife Habitat Management Area, is home to lots of walleye, trout, bass, crappie, perch, bullhead, and ling.

What kind of trout grow in the Wind River Range?

The Wind River Range is home to thousands of lakes and ponds, with an appealing mix of golden, brook, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. Best of all, nowhere else in the world do golden trout grow as big. Wyoming’s record golden trout, which is also the current world record (an 11-pounder measuring 28 inches), was caught at Cook Lake in 1948.

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