Is The Martian film a comedy?

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Is The Martian film a comedy?

The Martian was narrowly voted in as a comedy by a Globes eligibility committee in December. Scott’s film beat Apatow’s Trainwreck, The Big Short, Joy and Spy to the award for best comedy or musical, while star Matt Damon rather compounded the controversy by also winning best actor in a comedy or musical.

Was The Martian nominated for best comedy?

“The Martian” won the Golden Globe for best musical or comedy. All I will say is this: “Birdman” was nominated for musical or comedy the year before, and we are way funnier than “Birdman.”

Why was The Martian nominated as a comedy?

But sometimes a field gets too crowded, and when the group behind the Globes really likes a movie but knows it won’t have a chance against its other dramatic competitors, they throw the movie a bone. This year, that meant nominating The Martian as a musical or comedy.

Who pays for the Golden Globes?

The economic engine of the Globes telecast itself is complicated. NBC pays about $60 million to the HFPA and production company Dick Clark Productions, owned by the entertainment company MRC, for the rights to air the telecast. The HFPA and Dick Clark split the revenue roughly equally.

Who wrote the Martian?

Andy Weir
The Martian/Authors

Where was the Martian filmed?

According to, The Martian’s filming locations are in Jordan, indoor sets were set up in Budapest and Etyek in Hungry. These locations, with the help of graphics, were made to look like the surface of Mars.

Did the Martian win best picture?

Ridley Scott’s science fiction film about a NASA astronaut (Matt Damon) being left for dead on Mars received seven nominations — including Best Picture and Best Actor — but ended the evening with no wins.

How much do celebrities get paid to host the Oscars?

In 2016, Jimmy Kimmel confirmed the Oscar host pay himself. During an appearance on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean morning show, he revealed he would earn $15,000 to host the then-upcoming 2017 Academy Awards. “I think it’s illegal to pay nothing,” Kimmel joked during the interview.

Are Golden Globes more prestigious than Oscars?

In the industry, the Golden Globes is known as “the better party” and it’s a more lavish affair than the Oscars. On the other hand the Oscars just hosts the awards in the Kodak Theatre and all the parties take place afterwards.

Is The Martian appropriate for a 10 year old?

This is not a movie suitable for young children. Neither is it really a teen movie. Ultimately it’s more drama than sci-fi, albeit with a much faster pace than Interstellar. There are no laser guns, love stories or punch-ups, but there’s still enough action and adventure to interest some youngsters.

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