Where should I stay for the North Coast 500?

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Where should I stay for the North Coast 500?

North Coast 500 Hotels: Inverness

  • Kingsmills Hotel.
  • Rocpool Reserve Hotel.
  • Bunchrew House Hotel.
  • Apartments, Private Rooms, & Self-Catering Cottages along the North Coast 500.
  • Boath House Hotel.
  • Tulloch Castle Hotel.
  • Kincraig Castle Hotel.
  • Mansfield Castle Hotel.

How long does it take to walk the North Coast 500?

5-7 days
We would recommend to fully experience the NC500, you should spend at minimum 5-7 days along the route.

What is the best way to do North Coast 500?

Here are some tips for driving on the North Coast 500: Familiarise yourself with rules for single-track roads. Don’t park in passing places. Allow faster cars behind you to pass you if it is safe to do so.

What should I not miss on the North Coast 500?

The North Coast 500 Route: 12 Great places to visit, stop and…

  • Inverness. Just a modest drive from our doors and the gorgeous Cairngorms, the city of Inverness is the gateway to the NC 500 road.
  • Rogie Falls.
  • Applecross Peninsula.
  • Ullapool.
  • Clachtoll.
  • Cape Wrath.
  • Durness.
  • Thurso.

Is it best to do the NC500 clockwise or anticlockwise?

The North Coast 500 is a circular route that begins and ends in Inverness and obviously can be driven in either direction. However, I strongly recommend driving in a counter-clockwise direction starting up the eastern coast, then across the top of Scotland and then back down the western coast.

Can you do NC500 in 3 days?

3 days to do the whole route is easily doable, but it limits opportunities to stop, chill, and enjoy the scenery. If I am fortunate enough to ride the NC500 again, it will be over a minimum of 4 days, ideally longer.

Can you do the NC500 in 5 days?

We would suggest that five days is a good amount of time in which to drive the North Coast 500. Five days will give you enough time for sightseeing and stops along the way, without feeling too rushed. You can of course drive the NC500 more quickly, but we would strongly advise against this.

Is Isle of Skye on North Coast 500?

Though the North Coast 500 route doesn’t include the Isle of Skye, we added a few extra days to our itinerary so we could explore what was recently named as one of the UK’s most beautiful islands in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards.

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