What is the arm action of backstroke?

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What is the arm action of backstroke?

In backstroke, the arm action will provide the majority of the propulsion. As your right arm enters the water, your body will rotate towards the entering arm. Your arm will start to bend so that the palm and forearm are facing towards your feet. When the elbow gets to a 90 degree bend, push the water towards your hip.

How many kicks should you have per arm movement during the backstroke?

six kicks
Keep your kicks quick and narrow. There should be six kicks per arm cycle. Dolphin kicks should be used coming off the walls, if the swimmer has an efficient dolphin kick. Swimmers should look to improve their dolphin kicks as they have been proven to be much faster kicks than flutter kicks coming off the walls.

What is the arm motion for the elementary backstroke?

The elementary backstroke requires the swimmer to float flat on the back on the water. The swimmer draws the hands up the sides of the body while bending the elbows. At armpit height, extend the arms outward to full length (like a T).

How many kicks are done in 2 beat kicks for each arm pull?

Two-beat kick: The two-beat kick also mimics the timing of the six-beat kick pattern, just with four fewer kicks. As with the six-beat kick pattern, the two-beat kick is symmetrical, but the swimmer takes only a single kick per arm stroke or two kicks per stroke cycle.

How can I swim faster with 50 backstroke?

7 Tips for Swimming Faster Backstroke

  1. Work your underwaters.
  2. Fast backstrokers have strong legs.
  3. Keep your head straight.
  4. Avoid over-extending at the top of your stroke.
  5. Nail your start by screwing your feet into the wall.
  6. Use spin drill to help improve stroke rate.
  7. A strong pull comes from your hips.

What is the second phase of arm action in elementary back?

Second Active Phase – Eagle 4) Extend your arms sideways so that your body forms an X in the water. Your palms should face backward. 5) Spread your legs while simultaneously extending them. 6) For children, you can call this position eagle or plane.

What is the most popular swimming stroke?

front crawl
Breaststroke. The front crawl is popular because it’s fast, but the breaststroke is the most popular swimming stroke of all.

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