Is Swarovski Elements the same as Swarovski crystals?

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Is Swarovski Elements the same as Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski Elements is the brand name for the loose Swarovski crystals used by the fashion, jewelry, and accessories industries. Genuine Swarovski crystals are used in products designed and made by other manufacturers and they carry a “Made with Swarovski Elements” label.

Are Swarovski pearls being discontinued?

Unfortunately Swarovski is discontinuing some of the Pearl colors and I wanted to give you a heads up so that you can plan your designs accordingly (or keep them for yourself ;-)). This means once Swarovski sells out of their varied stock levels, they will no longer be produced.

Is a Swarovski pearl a real pearl?

Are Swarovski pearls real? Swarovski pearls aren’t actually produced inside an oyster! Instead, they’re referred to as “simulated pearls”. They feature a crystal core, giving the pearls a realistic weight, while a special coating helps to give them a realistic appearance.

Does Swarovski Jewelry last?

Because Swarovski manufactures their crystals from various materials such as quartz, sand, minerals, and lead, they are able to maintain an ever-present sparkle and durability that a lot of natural crystals lack.

What does Swarovski Pearl mean?

The Swarovski pearl, also known as the Swarovski Crystal pearl, is an imitation pearl that is created by using a Swarovski crystal at the center rather than a plastic bead. Using crystals rather than plastic beads yield a surprisingly realistic imitation pearl.

How can you tell a Swarovski pearl?

The coating is extremely even and thick, unlike fake pearls where the coating can be scratched or peeled off. You can easily encounter uneven coating, uneven surface (not smooth), bubbling, discoloration (uneven coloration) in fake pearls. However, Swarovski pearls have a graceful luster and mysterious glow.

What kind of jewelry is made of Swarovski crystal?

When it comes to pearl jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, Swarovski has taken the elegance of natural pearls and added a sparkle that can only come from its world-renowned crystal. The results are replica pearls, which are pearl beads that have a shape reminiscent of traditional pearls — but a style, drama and distinctiveness all their own.

How are Swarovski crystal pearls different from real pearls?

Swarovski crystal pearls are consistent. Oysters don’t create lots of real pearls, making it difficult to find pearls that are uniform in shape, color and consistency. Swarovski replica pearls have solved this problem by giving you the opportunity to use pearls that will be similar in size and coloring.

Is it possible to break a Swarovski crystal bead?

Swarovski pearls aren’t likely to break. Although it is possible to break a crystal bead, normal wear and tear doesn’t usually harm Swarovski pearls. Real pearls, on the other hand, have been known to crack under pressure or when they have been inappropriately handled. Swarovski pearl beads are cost-effective.

Do you need to clean Swarovski pearl beads?

Swarovski pearl beads are easier to keep clean. Pearls that come from the sea need to be carefully cleaned and stored. Swarovski pearl beads only need to be wiped off, and they’ll maintain their glow for a lifetime! Swarovski pearl colors take nature’s tones to the next level.

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