What is a Grogg coffee?

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What is a Grogg coffee?

What is Highlander Grogg Coffee? It combines smooth coffee with the sweet flavors of caramel, butterscotch, and hazelnut. It’s available as regular or decaf and comes in a variety of sizes and grinds.

How is Highlander Grogg coffee made?

We start with our freshly roasted South American beans, then pour in the flavoring extracts and hand mix to make sure each bean is fully coated to give you a delicious cup with great aroma and outstanding smooth taste. Learn more about the process here.

What flavor is Highland Grog coffee?

This blend has flavors of rum with butterscotch, caramel and vanilla.

Is Berres Brothers coffee Fair Trade?

We source our coffees from a carbon-neutral, private importer committed to environmental progress, ethical treatment of farmers, fair pricing, and quality coffee beans.

What was in grog?

While many claim to make a traditional navy grog recipe, there are several accepted forms. The Royal Navy’s grog recipe includes lemon juice, water, rum, and cinnamon. A commonly found recipe in the Caribbean includes water, light rum, grapefruit juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, cinnamon, and honey.

Is there alcohol in Highlander Grogg coffee?

Though our coffees are of course non-alcoholic, our Highlander Grogg Coffee, with its blends of butterscotch and rum, taste like a holiday drink.

What is Jamaica crazy coffee?

Want an extra special blend of coffee? Try a signature blend of coffee that already has Kahlua flavor blended into the beans. That describes our Jamaican Me Crazy coffee perfectly.

Who makes Highlander Grogg coffee?

Cameron’s Coffee
Highlander Grog – Cameron’s Coffee.

Why did they drink grog?

The sailors, to put it lightly, were not pleased. They needed to throw liquor down their throats because it made it a lot more tolerable to deal with awful living conditions and endless scrubbing of the poop deck. So, in their spite, they started to call the drink “grog,” after Old Grog himself.

Why did sailors drink rum?

Sailors were given a daily tot of rum from 1655 until the ration was abolished, as recently as 1970. Originally it was given to sailors neat when the beer ran out (water was not safe to drink as it became rancid very quickly at sea and it was often taken from polluted rivers, such as the Thames).

Is Highlander Grogg coffee strong?

The flavor isn’t overpowering and it is not a really strong strong coffee. It’s right up my alley, and I enjoy drinking it every day. The bag does come vacuumed sealed for freshness.

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