What is hg branch?

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What is hg branch?

The command hg branches lists all branch names existing in a repository: > hg help branches hg branches [-a] list repository named branches List the repository’s named branches, indicating which ones are inactive.

How do you change branches in Heartgold?

Switching to another named branch or bookmark´╗┐

  1. In the Branches list, click the name of the branch or bookmark to update to, then choose Update to from the list:
  2. Choose VCS | Mercurial | Update to on the main menu or Mercurial | Update to from the context menu of the Editor.

What is hg command?

The hg command provides a command line interface to the Mercurial system.

How do you use hg update?

Here’s how:

  1. cd into the project directory.
  2. run the command hg init This creates the . hg directory and the initial setup files used by hg.
  3. run the command hg add This adds all files that aren’t currently in the hg project file list to it’s file list.
  4. run the command hg commit This commits all changes to the project.

What is the use of hg status?

hg status shows the status of a repository. Files are stored in a project’s working directory (which users see), and the local repository (where committed snapshots are permanently recorded). hg add tells Mercurial to track files. hg commit creates a snapshot of the changes to 1 or more files in the local repository.

What does hg pull do?

hg pull: get all changes from another repository into the current one. hg push: get all changes from your repository into another one. hg serve: create an instant-webserver. People can see the history there and pull from it.

How do I create a branch in Mercurial?

If you want to create a Mercurial branch, the best way to do it is locally.

  1. Create a new feature branch in the repository. $ hg branch
  2. Edit files, add files, and commit in the working copy. $ hg add.
  3. Push the feature branch to Bitbucket. $ hg push —

How do you use the hg command?

Use the command hg update to switch to an existing branch. Use hg commit –close-branch to mark this branch head as closed. When all heads of a branch are closed, the branch will be considered closed. Returns 0 on success.

What does hg update do?

So when you do an hg pull, you bring changes to your repository which is under . hg . It will not reflect in your working directory. After that, when you do a hg update , the changes are brought to your working copy.

What does hg push do?

automatically push when you do a commit), you can use the trick described in this answer : mercurial automatic push on every commit . This will automatically update the working directory every time a push is made to this server. This hook is described in the Mercurial FAQ.

How do you get rid of hg?

The best method is a wipe with solution iron chloride (III) – FeCl3. drops of Hg adhere well to this material and partly transferred from matallic state to chloride. I used this many times. you could freeze the Hg by liquid nitrogen and remove it ..

How do I get rid of hg delete?

To undo a remove before that, see hg revert. To undo added files, see hg forget. -A/–after can be used to remove only files that have already been deleted, -f/–force can be used to force deletion, and -Af can be used to remove files from the next revision without deleting them from the working directory.

How can I switch to a tag / branch in Hg?

Once you have cloned the repo, you have everything: you can then hg up branchname or hg up tagname to update your working copy. UP: hg up is a shortcut of hg update, which also has hg checkout alias for people with git habits.

What’s the difference between Hg update and HG up?

UP: hg up is a shortcut of hg update, which also has hg checkout alias for people with git habits. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research!

How to use the HG command in mercurial?

cortesben / hg-commands.md Commands Description hg pull get latest changes like git pull use fla hg add only for new files hg commit add changes to commit with -m for messag hg addremove adds new files and removes file not in y

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