How much discount do CSD canteen cars get?

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How much discount do CSD canteen cars get?

How much discount does CSD Canteen car get? We cannot say the exact amount or percentage of discount on CSD car prices compared to the open market. Approximately 10% to 15% discount may get on all cars.

Are cars cheaper in CSD?

Buying vehicles through the canteen is a major benefit for defence personnel, because of the cheaper prices. A vehicle purchased through the CSD comes with a negotiated price which is lower than the market price. This also comes with an ongoing discount from the market such as a Diwali bonus.

How do I buy a car from CSD?

New Cars

  1. Step 1 – User Registration on CSD Site.
  2. Step 2 – Contacting Dealer Showroom.
  3. Step 3 – Payment Process.
  4. Step 4 – Uploading Documents in CSD Site.
  5. Step 5 – Submit Documents in CSD Canteen for Purchase Order Issuance.

How many cars can we buy from CSD?

Jawans can now purchase their first car on completion of five years of service and second car after retirement while JCOs can purchase a second car on promotion as JCO and third car on retirement. Officers and veterans of pay level 10-18 can purchase a car every eight years.

Why are army canteen prices so low?

CSD prices are low as the goods sold are exempt from taxes. The development of these practices have always kept the objective of the organization in view.

Which car is available in CSD?

All those that are employed in the Defence Sector on the payrolls of the Government of India can purchase cars through CSD….

Maruti Suzuki Car Models CSD Price in Rs.
Maruti Alto Vxi 0.8l 5mt 388811
Maruti Alto Vxi-(m) Bs-vi 304131
Maruti Celerio Lxi (o) 1l 5mt (bs-vi) 460403
Maruti Celerio Vxi (o) 1l 5mt (bs-vi) 496586

Why are CSD prices so low?

CSD are the most profitable retail chain in India, ahead of Future & Reliance Retail and sell a wide variety of products like household provisions, kitchen appliances, alcoholic drinks, cars, and sports equipment. CSD prices are low as the goods sold are exempt from taxes.

What is difference between CSD car price and normal price?

Even the CSD Price of Baleno Delta Petrol, at Rs 5.5 lakh, is much lower than the regular price of Rs 6.36 lakh. Similarly, the Maruti Ertiga CSD price starts at Rs 6.66 lakh, which is much lower than Rs 7.54 lakh ex-showroom price.

What documents are required for CSD car purchase?

Documents Required for personnel:

  • Application Form – 1 copy.
  • Job ID Proof.
  • PAN Card & Driving.
  • Dealer Car Proforma Price with Make, Model Variant, Colour Details.
  • Availability Certificate of Car from Dealer.
  • Address Proof.
  • 2 Photographs.

Is Army canteen cheap?

Which is the best car to buy in CSD canteen?

When buying normally through a showroom, prices of the EcoSport compact sedan start at Rs 7.81 lakh, but you can buy it at a marginally lower price of Rs 7.75 lakh from the canteen. Another point to note here is that the Endeavour SUV is no longer available through Canteen as it has been removed from CSD canteen car price list 2021.

What can you buy at CSD in Army Canteen?

CSD (Canteen Stores Department) or Army Canteen offers goods to Defence personnel at subsidized rates. These commodities include household goods, liquor, medical item and more. In fact, one can even purchase a car at subsidized rates through Army canteen.

What are the purchase rules for Canteen Stores?

Canteen Stores Department (CSD) New Purchase Rules and Procedure for Car, Bike, Scooter and Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, TV Important Note: All eligible CSD customers are requested to make the payment of your AFD items after approval of your application.

Can you buy Maruti Suzuki in Canteen Stores?

As you can see above, the entire range of Maruti Suzuki cars can be brought through the canteen stores department at lower-than-usual rates. To give you an idea about the CSD car price through Canteen Stores Department, let’s take up a few examples.

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